Driving at dawn across the worlds largest salt pan known as Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Published: June 6th 2013
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Driving at dawn across the worlds largest salt pan known as Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Before leaving Luton, we had never heard of this vast expanse of iconic salts, but during out time in Ecuador and Peru, it was clear that we had to listen to the whisperings from other travellers. The result was a 4-wheel drive adventure into the heart of the Bolivian high altitude plateaus, culminating in the dawn safari on Salar de Uyuni.

Go if you love driving across remote tundra with the potential of meeting no other vehicles all day

Go if you love the idea of running at dawn on the intense white crustacean that stretches into the distant horizon

Go if you love the chance to find where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid supposedly met their maker

Go if you want to bathe in hot springs, surrounded by an amphitheatre of volcanos and tundra.

Go if you want to stay in remote communities with indigenous workers from the multitude of mines that scatter the high altitude terrain

Don't go if you need a queen sized bedroom and your own room

Don't go if you need a shower each morning

Don't go if you find it hard to sit in a 4-wheel vehicle as it hurtles for hours over hard packed ground or gets bogged in thick mud after a flash downpour.

But seriously, if these are the reasons why you won't go on this trip then take a good hard look at why you are not going. What are you afraid of? Ditch the shower for a few days and you will really appreciate that warm blast of water after 4 days on the road

If you want some facts about Salar de Uyuni then try this link from Wiki travel. CLICK FOR WIKI LINK

Remember that guides companies and hotels all change. Go with your heart and don't always follow the pack. We met our driver, Eddie in the high street and instantly trusted him. He was not only the salesman, but also our driver and cook throughout the 4 day trip. During the hours on the high tundra he left us in peace while snoozing, or when it came to crank Oasis on the CD player there were no complaints. His lack of English was excellent for our Spanish skills and after our mini adventure we were happy with our choice. Unless I am mistaken he worked for Latorre Tours. CLICK FOR LATORRE TOURS

As you will note in the first review I put in a section called 'Don't go'? But the answers were similar for the entire top 10

I am not a famous adventurer and love nothing better than sitting down with a cold beer and pizza to watch spooks on TV on a Saturday night. But we all become better people after adventure travel. If you are going to the effort of travelling to a major airport, then make the destination worthwhile so that you come back with something else to talk about rather than your suntan.

happy travels



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