Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (Salt Flats)

Published: September 17th 2011
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"The salt flats was amazing! We took so many pictures that were crazy. We took pictures of me in a can, me eating my dad and me pointing at my small daddy. My dad kissed my barbi. It was shivering cold. I put salt down my dad's pants. I slept in a salt hotel. I got a salt crytal that I took back to our house. And it was fun. The old trains were verycool. I kept saying ' all aboard to Africa' "- Sofia

After 1 night in La Paz, we took a private ride to Orouro to catch a train. The drive took almost 4 hours and I had fun with Daddy and Jen in the car and did a lot of math. We stopped for lunch "in the middle of nowhwere" and they served enormous portions of food. After our driver got a little lost in Orouro, we arrived at the train station. It was a long 8 hour train ride but I did not mind. I had my movies and my Leapster and other activities. We arrived in Uyuni at about 1000pm and stayed at a really nice hotel called Jardines de Uyuni.

I had been really looking forward to the salt flats as daddy showed me lots of pics that other people took while they were there. Because it is so flat, white, and nothing to see for miles, you can take really funny pictures. So we brought with us barbi dolls, small plates and forks, wine bottles, stuffed animals, and other things.

A short drive by our driver for the 2 night/3 day tour, David, and we arrived in a small village at the edge of the salt flats. I got a little lesson in making/packaging salt, bought something for my hair, and then we were off to the flats.

It was soooo much fun. We took so many pictures and I had fun jumping in the air. We stopped off at a cool salt museum and then an island in the middle of the flats that was filled with cactus. My guide put his hand in a water hole (eye) in the salt flats and pulled me out a salt crystal rock that I took home. AFter a full day we arrived at the Takya Salt Hotel. The entire hotel was made from salt...all the walls, tables, everything. Daddy had to stop me from licking the walls.

The following morning we got up early and took a lot more pics in the flats. We played tag as well. I really had fun there as it looked so cool. The tour with "Ruta Verde" continued, but the salt flat part ended.

On the way back to Uyuni we stopped off at the train cemetary. I had a lot of fun pretending I was the driver and kept saying "all aboard to Africa" "get ready to show your passports". I wish I could have stayed there longer, but the sun was setting and it was time to get back to Jardines de Uyuni.

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Me and DaddyMe and Daddy
Me and Daddy

Jumpin in Salt Flats
Me, Daddy and JenMe, Daddy and Jen
Me, Daddy and Jen

Jumping in Salr de Uyuni
So much fun!So much fun!
So much fun!

Salar de Uyuni

17th September 2011

Celebrate life!
Sometimes we don't need words, we just need a smile. I love Uyuni, been there with Mari in summer was like yesterday. I wish Tiffany and Leslie would enjoy the same fun as Sofia. View the world through the smile of your child. Because we are not on earth to get it to ourself, we are on earth to get a message to the generations to come. Life is fun, and the smile of a child is the world!
18th September 2011

Great pictures, it looks like you are having so much fun in the salt. We loved Uyuni too for all the silly pictures we could take - the Pringles idea of yours was a good one, as well as Barbie and Ken!
18th September 2011
Time to Eat Daddy!

This is the best & most original salt flats picture I have ever seen.
19th September 2011

Great pictures! Looks like you had lots of fun there! xx
20th September 2011

Some of the most creative photos I\'ve seen from the Salt Flats yet! Also loved your last blog where Sofia was eating the guinea pig--hilarious. ;)

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