Published: October 3rd 2008
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continuing bolivia to potosi and the salt plains of uyuni

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time to go down the mines in potosi - we look so ridiculous its aswell its dark down there!
gareth holding dynamitegareth holding dynamite
gareth holding dynamite

we got to make our own dynamite and blow up a bit of the mountain!very cool. the explosion was rather large. this mental boy decided to hold it - which did not seem the wisest thing to do in my mind.
in the minein the mine
in the mine

we had to crawl down a very dark hole with a damp wobbley ladder. cathy was not very amused and almost did a runner back up.
the tíothe tío
the tío

crazy mine god the locals give coco leaves. alcohol and cigarettes to to keep them safe. very wierd.
our group at the train cemetaryour group at the train cemetary
our group at the train cemetary

this was the start of the salt plains in bolivia. its name says it all. it was a big bunch of old trains we got to climb on.
our group leaderour group leader
our group leader

this is christian, he is good craic and a bit of a party animal. he is also a professional sandboarder - which he is teaching us tomorrow!

lots of llamas roaming about the desert. very cute!
piles of saltpiles of salt
piles of salt

we had 4wheel drive jeeps to drive through the salt plains. the place was very white and unsurprisingly full of salt.
the salt hotelthe salt hotel
the salt hotel

this hotel was made totally out of salt - this is a mini big ben that they had randomly built!
the salt plainsthe salt plains
the salt plains

there were islands in the middle of the salt plains covered with cacti. it was very bright and we learnt the hard way that cacti hurt when you accidentally sit on them.
just to show you the scalejust to show you the scale
just to show you the scale

the salt plains were so vast - heres an indication of the size
the boysthe boys
the boys

minus martin who was hiding somewhere. they are still out numberbed! gareth is not complaining being surrounded by all the lovely girls.

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