Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Published: November 22nd 2006
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Too much going on in Uyuni!
Another highlight of this trip l was looking forward too was seeing the salt flats of Bolivia amongst all the beautiful lakes and mountains. Sure enough the views were more than l aniticipated.

What better way to enter a new country than by 4x4 3 day driving tour around Bolivias famous salt flats, lagos and many Volcanos. The tour started in a pumping and happening town called Uyuni (see photos), here we were acquainted with a group of 11 Isrealis, which we would be spending the next 3 days driving around with in a Landcruiser. Needless to say, Lou and l were the odd ones out in this group so the only way to get involved was to learn Hebrew. Most difficult language l´ve ever attempted to speak - not a lot learnt and a lot of flem required!

The first night of the tour was spent in a salt hotel in the middle of Salar de Uyuni. A lot of fun with photography in the salt flats, with a decent camera and more than 2 people, you can spend hours taking camera trick photos. Unfortunately our guide spoke no english at all (its an extra US$25 per day
Salt FlatsSalt FlatsSalt Flats

Lou and Nadia
for english speaking guide, not really worth it) so the tour wasn´t informative but didn´t really need to be. l was quite happy to just absorb the beauty of Bolivia around me..whilst learning Hebrew!

Lago Verde saw the last stop of our tour were we became familiar with the smell of Geysers - they stink like really bad rotten eggs. Lago Verde was definately my favourite lake, the mountain view against the green lake was just gorgeous. Many flamingos around south west area of Bolivia hovering around the lakes added to the beauty.

A scenic unforgettable tour.

Additional photos below
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Salt FlatsSalt Flats
Salt Flats

Salt Museum in the middle of the Salt flats
Salt FlatsSalt Flats
Salt Flats

Salt Museum

Yep, they stink!

23rd November 2006

How is the purchase of my Donkey coming along??

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