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South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi April 27th 2012

Tuesday 17th April - La Paz to Oruro We were somewhat fortunate to be able to get out of La Paz as we'd heard the exit roads had been blocked regularly of late by people protesting about some dodgy characters being let out of prison. Thankfully, Oruro was a transiting point for us as it was yet another dustbowl. We walked into town for a restaurant and had the pleasure of watching a young couple chew each others faces off as is so common in public in Latin America as we tucked into our dodgy lasagne. Wednesday 18th April - Oruro to Potosi Off we set on our 6 hour bus ride to Potosi which started off with the obligatory pitch by some sharkish travelling salesman in a suit which consists of him standing at the ... read more
Sucre Cathedral
Potosi Square

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi April 2nd 2012

We left Bonito the following morning, and entered Bolivia via a combination of overpriced taxis, buses and minibus to find out that the death train was full so we would have to take the bus. Sitting at the bus station in Quijarro (on the Bolivian side of the border) watching chickens running around made us realise we'd entered a different world to that of Brazil, as did a supermarket shop for three packets of biscuits for 75p. The bus was also a bit different, with people hopping on and off trying to sell you what looked like regurgitated empanadas. We did have films, however, each of which highlighted their obsession with UFC fighting. We rolled into Santa Cruz, the biggest city in Bolivia, at 7 in the morning. Our second overnight bus in a row to ... read more
Dinosaur Tracks

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi March 2nd 2012

1 mars 2012 "Potosi. Potosi. Potosiiiiiiiii" hurle une jeune bolivienne à la station de bus. "Potosiiiiiiiiiii" Comme un oiseau exotique. J´attend justement le bus pour Potosi. Je dois donc tolérer les cris du toucan. "Potosi. Potosi. Potosiiiiiii". La navette arrive enfin. Je prend place. Siège numéro 13. Encore une fois, la route est en pleine montagne et elle n´est pas asphaltée. Poussière et cactus. Je suis plutôt serré sur mon banc en vinyl. Mon voisin profite de ce trajet pour siester en étoile. Tant pis. Je vais faire de même. Zzzzz. Le bus s´arrête à flanc de montagne. Cantine improvisée. Il est midi. Je me place en ligne avec les boliviens. J´espère qu´on nous servira pas de la pizza! Mon tour arrive et je paye pour un coupon jaune. J´aurais peut-être dû me payer un coupon ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi February 26th 2012

We woke up early and had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. The coffee was absolutely awful and so after the first cup, it was tea for subsequent cups. We walked into the centre of Potosi (a very pleasant little town but as we were so high - around 4,200 metres - every step marginally uphill was a struggle! We found the street where they sold silver but everything was closed as it was a Sunday. We had a wander down a few side streets then back to the main plaza where we both had freshly squeezed orange juice for about 22 pence each from a local stallholder. Back to the hotel. We looked for an Internet cafe as there was nothing open at all and the hotel Internet was too slow to open travelblog ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi January 27th 2012

The next town on the agenda in Bolivia was Potosi. It’s quite a popular place to come amongst travellers, firstly for the mining tours, and secondly because it is officially the highest town in the world at a staggering 4020 metres. For Donna and me, the mining tours were a no go from even before we left for Potosi as we had been told that the mines were tight, claustrophobic and potentially very dangerous, and with both of us suffering from a mild sense of claustrophobia, we decided this wasn’t a place for us. There were other reasons we steered clear from the mines, the main one being down to us finding it a tad unethical. These poor blokes (and sometimes young boys) have to go down these awful places on a daily basis, breathing in ... read more
Managed to get a sneaky photo whilst the witch wasn't looking...for banter
Potosi church
Thermal pool

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi November 22nd 2011

After 3 internet cafe´s and a lot of wasted time, we can finally type this blopg. Internet in this town is the slowest we have ever come across! The weeks are flying past, and this past week has been jam packed! Cochabamba ended off with a market visit - which is HUGE! Row after row of stalls, selling everything from stationery to guitars to shoes... and the most you have ever seen - enough to fill shopping mall after shopping mall. Unfortunately, it was too risky to take our camera with. You guys will just have to go there yourself : ) We took the bus to Torotoro, a small town 137kms from Cochabamba (but 6 hours by bus!), where we heard dinosaur prints litter the area, and some cool caving can be found. We went ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi November 9th 2011

This morning we went on a silver mine tour. After putting on our gear (bright yellow clothing, boots (and plastic bag around each foot), hard hat and head lamp), we went to the miners’ market to get some supplies for the miners we were to visit. We bought a ‘kit’ containing a bag of coca leaves, an alkaline stick, usually made from the ashes of quinoa plant to activate the alkaloids, a pack of cigarettes, drinks and dynamites. Each stick of dynamite was $15 Bs, consisting of nitroglycerin paste, ammonium nitrate and a fuse. We could no longer explode the dynamites but that’s probably a good thing. We also bought cheap surgical masks that are supposed to prevent inhalation of toxic stuff down in the mine but likely don’t. I think most of the miners know ... read more
Photo 4
Photo 5

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi November 8th 2011

10:00AM bus to Potosi. We were told to expect locals sitting in the aisles, on the armrest and between your legs. Nothing like that happened, probably because the bus wasn’t full. It was a sad sight driving out of town seeing garbage strewn all over the place. Plastic has brought us convenience but it has also been a curse, as evidenced by the garbage around Uyuni. We got into the old Potosi bus terminal around 3PM. The centre of the city is hilly and the streets are narrow, essentially with no traffic lights, making getting around in a vehicle a nightmare. I noticed that many of the local buses are probably retired/rejected old buses from Japan and China based on the writing on them. Potosi (elevation 4070m) was founded in 1545 as soon as silver was ... read more
Casa Nacional de Moneda
Photo 4
Photo 5

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi November 7th 2011

2.11.2011 Potosi Bus to Potosi this morning, apparently the largest, highest city in the world at approximately 4000m. Both still struggling with the altitude!! The city is very pretty, cobbald streets, narrow streets, but everything was shut up as Bank Holiday in Bolivia. Although I still managed to go shopping in the only shop open, bought some warm socks and a wooly hat!! Its so cold in the shade. Michael had a Llama burger for tea and I tried a bit, was nice :) another thing to add to the list of wierd and wonderful food tried. 3.11.2011 Glad to have left the hotel this morning, wasnt very nice at all, was so cold and the breakfast wasn´t the best as michael will tell you, he didn´t stop going on at how they gave us a ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi November 2nd 2011

Off to Sucre A re run to the airport to catch the re arranged flight was an early start. Joined the back of the queue to only move 5 metres in half an hour we started to panic a little bit. With about 70 people behind us we thought it would be delayed. It was. A flight at 9.30 then turned to 11, then 12, then 1, and so on until we finally borded at 3. The flight was only 40 minutes long, we went up and then straight back down again. The landing was my scariest so far. We got warned not to look out of the window and now I know why!! The runway was about 200m long and inbetween 2 mountains! Landing at what I thought was too quick, the landing was bumpy ... read more

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