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South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi March 21st 2013

OK, so why are we in Potosi I hear you ask? Well we were to have two days in Tupiza, but we got there mid afternoon even after our three hour challenge getting out of Argentina and into Bolivia. The Bolivian Aduana, asks for our moto we can only het it for Argentina and Chile, he said we cannot enter Bolivia!!..haven't I heard this before? Like when we enter Peru!!! So after much negotiating, and flashing of a US$50 note, he would consider making and 'exception' this time ( like every other time) so here we are in Potosi. Getting back to the last day in Argentina, as they have paved all the road to the border, we had made good time, so decided to take an alternative route on a Ripio road a lake ... read more
Hi I'm Eric
Scratch and Tiny
Down at the market

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi March 17th 2013

17/03 to 20/03/13 - Potosi: The highlight of this stop was to do the Mine Tour at Cerro Rico Mountain. We used the company Big Deal Tours. They used to be miners themselves and are very straightforward. Every company conducting those type of tour sell the fact that they give a pourcentage to the miners but this is not true. Nobody does. We stopped first at a miner shop to buy juice and coca leaves for the miners we will encounter inside the mine, and some dynamite for the end! Our guide Pedro was experienced and funny. We visited a processing room for the minerals and then put some protection clothes, helmet and boots before entering the beast. The walk is around 3 hours going through narrow tunnels, toxic stalactites, up the ladder with a potent ... read more
processing chamber
processing chamber
view Potosi

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi February 20th 2013

Gerai išsimiegoję keiaujam į autobusų stotį, autobusas pagal Bolivijos standartus visai neblogas. 5 valandų kelionė neprailgs, nes kaip visada už lango gražūs vaizdai. Atvažiavę į Potosi keliaujam iki hostelio. Hostelyje yra viskas ko reikia: virtuvė, internetas, karštas dušas. Čia sutinkas ir kelis draugus su kuriais gyvenom Orure, tik jie jau šiandien išvažiuoja, tad ilgai kartu nepabūnam. Pasidedam daigtus ir einam pasivaikščioti po miestą. Hostelis pačiame miesto centre tad toli eiti nereikia. Susirandam ryt dienai ekskursiją į šachtas. Eidami atgal į hostelį užsukam į turgų, nusiperkam produktų vakarienei. Pasigaminam vakarienę ir likusią dienos dalį praleidžiu prie kompiuterio. Beveik savaitę laiko nerašiau dienoraščio, tiesiog nebuvo kada. Hostelyje į kainą (maždaug 20 Lt. parai) įskaičiuoti pusryčiai. Tad pavalgę visai neblog... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi February 15th 2013

My asthmatic lungs wheezed out a tune as I climbed the steep hills of one of the world's highest cities, Potosi, at 4,090 m/13,420 ft. For a couple of weeks, I explored the labyrinthine, narrow streets, ferreting out rich churches and monasteries encrusted with gold and silver, colorful, balconied 17c colonial palaces, and church roofs for grand views over the city and surrounding countryside. Travel Drama I'd come from little, wild west Tupiza on the only bus traveling the five hours by day. Everyone else was continuing to the capital, and the driver forgot about me, passed the terminal, and let me off only when I started shouting. By then we were in a dodgy part of town from which I had to walk uphill with all my things to find a taxi; this wouldn't have ... read more
Ojo del Inca Hot Springs
gorgeous details on colonial buildings
looking through old city gate to Cerro Rico

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi September 23rd 2012

You'd be forgiven for never having heard of Potosí. Perched at the dizzying altitude of 4,000 metres, Potosí is a bustling but modest town, a cold, windy and far-flung place on the edge of the altiplano - a very long way away from Bolivia's modern nerve centres of La Paz and Santa Cruz. It was not always thus - very far from it. In 17th century Spain, everyone knew about Potosí. For it was Potosí which, in large part, kept the Spanish empire going for nearly three centuries. Modern Spanish still has an expression - "valer un Potosí", to be worth a Potosí - used to describe something of great value. Potosí was once one the most important cities in South America - and perhaps beyond. What changed? The answer is clearly visible from the bus ... read more
Ore processing, Potosí
View of Potosí from Cerro Rico
Cerro Rico - Spain's wealth for over 250 years

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi September 2nd 2012

Day 322 Tuesday 28th August Lucky for us our bus wasn’t leaving till 10 so we didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn. Managed to get a good breakfast this morning with fresh bread rolls before packing our bags and checking out. It was a 10 minute walk to the station where we had a short wait till our bus arrived, which wasn’t as bad as we expected although it could have done with a clean since Moses travelled on it. We were on the road at 10.15 and for the next two hours we were entertained by a snake oil salesman that was flogging a powder that cured everything from sore fingers to death and everything in between including cancer and sexual impotency. The packaging it came in had Chinese writing all ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi July 19th 2012

...nachdem ich mich im Hostel KOALA DEN in Potosi gegen 9 Uhr abends eingecheckt habe, begutachtete ich den 12-Personen- Dormroom. Zu meiner Entspannheit teilte ich nmir den Schlafsaal mit nur 2 Personen, darunter der kommunikationsfreudige Franzose Luca. Waehrend die beiden bereits in ihren Betten lagen streifte ich in dunkler Nacht durch die engen charmanten Gassen der Altstadt von Potosi um etwas essbares zu finden. Was hier sehr typisch ist, ist eine Semmel mit "Milanesa" (Schnitzel ohne Parnier), Zwiebel, Tomaten, Sauce und Pommes (in der Semmel). Sozusagen eine Art bolivianischer Kebap. Der Aufstieg auf 4000m Seehoehe machte sich energetisch bemerkbar. Die Bewegungen sind langsamer, der Atem kuerzer und gemuetliche Gedankengaenge aufgrund des permanenten Sauerstoffmangels. Dennoch hatte ich keine Anzeichen der "Hoehenkrankheit". Die veraenderten Druckbedingungen auf dieser Hoehe... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi June 15th 2012

So the next stop on our tour of Bolivia we hit one of the highest cities in the world at 4070m above sea level called Potosi. This city itself is a Unesco World Heritage Site due to its rich history related to the mining of silver in the mountain which it weaves around the Cerro Rico. It once was one of the most populated and wealthy cities in the world and literally funded the Spanish economy for two centuries. But this has all but faded with many indigenous people and African slaves fading into the depths of the mountain with the now eliminated silver. Unfortunately up until the present day many more lives continue to be lost to the mountain as there are still up to 2000 workers who enter the many cooperative mines on a ... read more
Mine Tour
Mine Tour
Mine Tour

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi June 7th 2012

Hola! Our hostel owner was sooooo nice, she made my bed so nicely and kept asking us how we were, haha when she forgot some of our bedding she shouted crap, which was weird to hear from a bolivian! We had a nice sleep then went for a wonder around sucre. Its a very nice town with loads of people, and me and george shared a pique a macho which was chicken, beef, chips in a beer sauce and hidden jalapenos that slayed me! We hadnt been on the internet for 4 whole days so had an hour internet sesh, read a lot of bbc sport articles. We then ate a meal that took 40 minutes to come and it was shizer.... i ordered salted chicken and lemon, and it literally was justy a bit of ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi June 1st 2012

Gris, como prometido, aqui te pongo las fotos que saqué en el Convento! digame las que mas te gustan, te las puedo enviar por email (son pesadas y no puedo enviarlas todas, o talvez haciendo un CD mas tarde) Ciao! Patrice... read more
Santa Teresa, Potosi (2)
Santa Teresa, Potosi (3)
Santa Teresa, Potosi (4)

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