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South America » Bolivia » Oruro Department » Oruro February 4th 2008

The Carnaval in Oruro is the biggest in the country. The procession goes on for two days, all day long. It was interesting. It´s a custom to throw water balloons (gringos are preferred targets) and spray ¨fake snow¨ at each other. For a while it was fun but carnaval isn´t over yet and I´m still getting wet, even here in Cochabamba, where I´ve been since yesteday. The carnaval bands sound surprisingly similar to our ¨Guggemusige¨ in Switzerland, if with a bit less variety in their songs. At one point a guy fell off the grand-stand right above us. It was scary, we thought he died and it took forever until some medical people got there. I heard back from my organization. The buses are supposedly running again, they said they can use all the help they ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Oruro Department » Oruro January 28th 2008

We bought direct bus tickets to La Paz from Uyuni (where we finished our 4 day tour). Normally, it should be 6-7 hours journey. But unfortunatelly, our bus got stucked in the mud after the 1st hour. Everybody tried to help. We spent there an hour trying to get bus back on the road. 3 other buses came and tried to help. But the bus did not want to continue anymore. So we were split to the other buses (with some difficulties because the buses were already full) and had to travel to Oruro which is the town on the way. We got money from the bus driver, so we can buy tickets from Oruro to La Paz. When we got to Oruro, there was a strike and bus could not get to the bus station ... read more
Ulica v Uyuni
Pesia zona v Uyuni
Sona pozuje pre reklamu na vino

South America » Bolivia » Oruro Department » Oruro November 25th 2007

Here we go again. . . it feels like every time I come to update this a months worth of events have taken place. I´ll do my best to catch the big events of the last week(ish). Oh, and today is a special day because you will have 3 new blogs to read/glance over. Matt is writing his own take on the journey so far. I am as curious as you to see what he has to say about the adventure! Last time I wrote I believe we were off to see Lake Titicaca for the first time! The Peruian side of the lake, in Puno, is very different from the Bolivian side. The lake is really pretty, but polluted close to the towns. There is a small amusement park and a ton of people trying ... read more
Matt and his Guinie Pig!
Matt and Claudia!
Finally, a non-tourist market!

South America » Bolivia » Oruro Department » Oruro August 10th 2007

So, after the delights of Rio, we had to retrace our steps a wee bitty. This involved getting a very long bus back down to Foz de Iguazu (the big-daddy of waterfalls that we'd previously seen from the Argentinian side, for the benefit of those with short-term memory issues). Here we did not go to the waterfall, but to the ITAPU dam further upstream. It's a beast of a dam and we booked ourselves on the super-duper extreme tour of the dam. Here Spange started getting crazy excited about the prospect of wearing a yellow hard hat (which you didn't get on the normal, non-super tour). I was much more excited by the shower cap you got in the hard hat to stop you from catching fleas from the person who'd been wearing it before. Anyways, ... read more
La Paz man
If you're happy and you know it...
Child labour

South America » Bolivia » Oruro Department » Oruro August 9th 2007

We did an overnight bus trip to La Paz and then a 3 hour bus trip to Oruru in a really hot bus that sounded like it was going to konk out at any time. I found this town to be surrounded by rubbish, in particular plastic bags that blow and catch on any little plant. There is rubbish all around the town. We stayed in a Hotel across the road from the Train Station and bought train tickets for the following afternoon to Uyuni. Oruru is quite a big town, in the middle of nowhere. We went looking around the market for camera batteries without luck and had a nice meal of empanandas. Other than this we just hang out, trying to deal with the altitude again and waiting for the train. Friday 10th. We ... read more
The train to Uyuni
On the salt flats.
Coral island in the middle of the salt flat

South America » Bolivia » Oruro Department » Oruro July 1st 2007

Bus og togturen fra La Paz til Tupiza lykkedes fint. Det var spændende at se landskabet i stedet for at flyve. Der var godt styr på bagagen, den blev indleveret og udleveret mod bagagemærker. I toget sad vi på den bedste klasse. Der var TV der viste musikvideoer fra 60'erne til 80'erne. Vi spiste aftensmad i en spisevogn. Da vi skulle sove fik vi hver et tæppe og en pude. Der var nogle metalskodder som blev rullet ned for ruderne om natten, måske for at holde en lille smule på varmen. Ruderne var fyldt med tykke isblomster så det var pænt koldt uden for. Pigerne og jeg sov nogenlunde, men Annette fik ikke meget søvn. Vi kom til Tupiza om morgenen og tog direkte hen på hotel Mitru vi havde reserveret et værelse på. Hotellet måtte ... read more
Vi venter på bussen i La Paz
Landsby på vejen til Oruro
Stationen i Oruro

South America » Bolivia » Oruro Department » Oruro May 9th 2007

url='/Videos/3128.html' onclick='dialog("/Videos/3128.html?popped=1","tbvideo",600,600);return false;' Drunken Bolivian Partyurl='/Videos/3268.html' onclick='dialog("/Videos/3268.html?popped=1","tbvideo",600,600);return false;' Riding the Salar "You should be carrying a gun..." was the friendly advice of the owner of a restaurant in Oruro where we were treating ourselves to a slap-up meal after spending 8 days cycling through a remote part of Bolivia. A journey involving a salt desert, bad roads, an adopted dog, witchcraft, a drunken party and surviving a violent sandstorm. It all started out in Uyuni, the last large town before we rode into the remote Altiplano. We rushed around the town buying last minute supplies, ending up with: * 10 litres of water each (our personal record!) * 1kg wholemeal rice * 1kg brown lentils * 500g oats * 500ml mayonnaise * ... read more
Salt mining
OK, let's head, erm... straight ahead!

South America » Bolivia » Oruro Department » Oruro February 23rd 2007

The days are just packed. Once I got to La Paz, I had a whirlwind of a week. Two weekends ago saw me exploring more of La Paz, but by Monday I was ready to see the surrounding area. My trip on Monday took me to La Calle de la Muerte (in English it's called The Death Road or The Road of Death, but to me the latter sounds a lot more sinister so that is what I will use). The Road of Death is a little north of La Paz and is the main route to get to the beautiful town of Coroico. It is called the Road of Death because it has been determined that it is the most dangerous road in the world. It´s an extremely narrow gravel road that goes along the ... read more
The outskirts of La Paz, up in the hills
Getting ready for the Road of Death
Taking a break

South America » Bolivia » Oruro Department » Oruro February 22nd 2007

15 February, Thursday... Well, back in La Paz now. What to do? Lie in and then drink Bock, the Bolivian equivalent of special brew at 7% and quite moreish. Then some kind of carnaval/valentines party started at the hostel. Some kind of strawberry drink for free, spray foam being directed at my eyes and streamers. It was all very messy. 16 February, Friday... Woke up, watched some movies, then watched another. Then at 9pm got on a bus to Oruro - supposedly the best spot for caranavales in Bolivia. We even got to ride up front with the driver which really wasn't very comfortable. 17 February, Saturday... Arrived in Oruro at 1 or 2 in the morning, v cold. Tried sleeping on the floor of a school classroom but was freezing cold without sleeping bag ... read more
Sunset in Copacabana

South America » Bolivia » Oruro Department » Oruro February 20th 2007

So the mission was nearly complete - accommodation had actually been sorted out for us (thanks to Bella and Glen, old friends we had met in Buenos Aires, who had booked and paid something for us - legends), and we were on the bus from Uyuni. We arrived at about 6am in Oruro, and the festivities had already commenced. The town was a sea of colour, and everyone was dressed up to the nines. The carnival is actually officially known as the La Diablada carnival and is celebrated in honor of the patron saint of the miners, Vírgen de Socavon (the Virgin of the Tunnels). Over 50 parade groups dance, sing and play music over a five kilometre-long course and the participants (of which there are 10000´s) dress up as demons, devils, angels, Incas and Spanish ... read more
Carnival in Oruro, Bolivia
Carnival in Oruro, Bolivia
Carnival in Oruro, Bolivia

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