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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz July 19th 2015

Ça fait un petit moment que je n’ai pas écrit, et il s’est passé plein de choses à la Paz. Principal évènement, j’ai trouvé un petit boulot les week-ends et jours fériés la semaine dernière. Je travaille dans la prestigieuse agence Vertigo Biking ! Je voulais donner des cours de français et anglais au départ mais mes annonces n’ont rien donné. Du coup, j’ai mis à profit le fait que je parlais plusieurs langues autrement. Mon travail consiste à vendre des tours pour la route de la mort, et tout préparer pour le lendemain lorsque les gens réservent, appeler les guides, chauffeurs, mécaniciens… Et être là le matin lorsque les touristes s’en vont faire le tour, ce qui est finalement le plus dur, étant donné que j’ai commencé à me faire des amis ici et à ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz July 8th 2015

Après avoir trouvé ma future chambre, j’ai eu le week-end pour me reposer et préparer mon emménagement. Vendredi soir, je suis allée voir le concert de « Poopo » sur la place principale avec mes actuels colocataires, puis Miquel, espagnol, nous a préparé des tortillas. Pendant qu’en France, tout le monde se plaint de la chaleur, il a neigé cette nuit-là à La Paz. Neige qui s’est transformée en pluie samedi… Mais bon, je suis quand même sortie pour trouver des tissus en vue de me fabriquer une armoire suspendue pour mettre mes vêtements. On verra bien ce que ça donne… Le soir, j’étais invitée à un mariage par Doris une amie de Gabriela, qui gère la maison où j’ai passé la semaine. Malheureusement, comme c’est une maison de voyageurs, on a attendu toute la soirée ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz July 3rd 2015

Arrivée dimanche dans la nuit à La Paz, j'avais réservé une chambre dans une maison pour une semaine, le temps de me trouver un endroit définitif et moins cher. Impossible de joindre David, qui me loue la chambre le premier soir, je me résous à chercher un hôtel près du terminal. Le lendemain, je peux enfin poser mes affaires, et je pars ensuite vers mon futur lieu de travail, les bureaux de Pro Agro, le programme agricole bolivien du GIZ (l'Institut Allemand de Développement). Là, je rencontre mon maître de stage en vrai, on discute de ma mission qui va consister principalement à coordonner les actions des différentes coopérations étrangères dans le secteur agricole en Bolivie. Bref, il va falloir organiser des sortes de colloques, réunir tout le monde autour d'une table pour discuter, définir les ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department July 1st 2015

Trong chuyen di nay toi dinh ghe den Bolivia va Brazil va toi da mua ve roi cach day 1 thang , tuy nhien cuoi cung toi biet duoc xin visa vao Brazil rat lau va toi khong du thi gio lam nhu vay nen toi di khong duoc danh bo ve may bay da mua va doi di Peru thay vi Brazil. Peru toi da den cach day 4 nam. Con Bolivia la nuoc Nam My cuoi cung ma toi chua den va do la ly do toi di trong chuyen di nay. Bolivia: Bolivia 60F 58F, 1$Us=7 Boliviano Thu do cua Bolivia la La Paz nhung thanh pho lon nhat la Santa Cruz De la sierra. Co 4 thu tieng chinh noi tai day la Spanish, Quecua, Anymara va guarani. Da so noi Spanish. ... read more

There is something about nature, making it almost better to be traveling solo. There is something about sitting by that immense lake solitary and small. But it's all for you. And you become timeless and the lake is finite. I walked around the lake this afternoon until I found a spot free from the crowds. There I sat for over three hours as I watched and waited for the sun to set and plunge into Titicaca. It was in turns exhilarating, thought provoking, and as if I was participating in a ritual that has been going on for millennia. There is something about this place that feels like it has always been here and will continue going its way regardless of who is in charge. The Spanish didn't defeat them. They are still here. There is ... read more
Copacabana Life

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz June 25th 2015

Hi Bloggers, We woke up with hangovers made worse by the lack of oxygen in the air anyway. We made it to the free breakfast but then went back to bed all morning. Oh well, La Paz was purely for a few rest days. We went to this cheap but delicious organic sandwich place for lunch then went back to our hostel. We had our washing done (5kg/£5), a bit expensive but we had pretty much run out of clean clothes since doing the Inca trail. In the afternoon I had a catch up with Parsons on viber J I haven’t spoken to any of the girls in months, so it was good to chat!! We had a very lazy afternoon! We only ventured out to that English pub in the evening to have exactly the ... read more

Yesterday was another hopping off point for an adventure. First, on the docks everyone was preparing to embark on the journey to the island of the sun. It was great because all of these different small boats were leaving at the same time. So the entire way there it was like we were all playfully facing each other and pointing the way. Before our boat set off these three Argentinian traveling musicians/flower children go on and after a few words in Spanish began to play. They were so enthusiastic, other worldly, and bohemian that I couldn´t help but be enchanted with them. That the two girls were gorgeous certainly did not hurt. After a couple of songs they disembarked the boat collecting bolivianos along the way and with that boat shook off its tehthers and zoomed ... read more
The Grueling Path Begins
The Road Traveled
Dockside and the Cordilla Real

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz June 24th 2015

Hey, We went for our free breakfast about 8.45am, then went back to bed for the rest of the morning. We booked to stay here longer because we were in long need of a rest with some lie-ins. This hotel is not the best- cold showers, gaps in the window so the room was freezing all day and night, the beds dipped massively so we were on top of each other most of the night and the door takes all Neil’s strength to hold the door up and in to move the lock across, so I have to ask him every time to let me out. We finished the left over pizza for lunch and then headed out for a short walk in the afternoon. We walked around the Witches Market, (if you blink you will ... read more

I feel compelled to write. I was eating my meal of trucsha, potato, and rice in this remote village on Isla del Sol. It was pitch black outside, an Andean cold inside, and this girl on the other side of the room was skyping with her mother. If this is the new direction of travel let me be the first to say I do not like it. Travel is supposed to be an unhooking experience. You let go of all your connections, forgoe the familiar, and trudge off into the unknown. This is how travel can change you and the direction you might take. You are free to see the world and yourself in a different light. It can also expose things about yourself that you never realized or had forgotten. I purposely left my phone ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz June 23rd 2015

Hello People, We woke up at 6am in the hostel in Puno. Our taxi arrived at 6.15am, which we had pre-booked the night before. We got dropped off at the bus terminal where we had a coach to La Paz (direct across the boarder to Bolivia). The journey was suppose to take 7 hours but was closer to 10 in total! It was about 2 hours to the boarder of Bolivia, which was a very scenic journey around Lake Titicaca. The boarder was very small, and was so easy compared to memories of the hectic Thai-Cambodia boarder. After we had our passports stamped on both sides, the journey continued for another hour to Copacabana. We were told to get off the bus for 1h30 as we had to change buses, have lunch and explore the town. ... read more

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