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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department October 25th 2013

Four awesome weeks in Bolivia with my sister, and gnommie. The airplane arrived in El Alto which is at an elevation of 4000m. We took a taxi into La Paz and checked-in to our hotel. The altitude had us breathless from walking up the 2 flights of stairs to our room. The first few days we acclimatized and planned our adventures with the amazing tour operator Deep Rainforest. Some highlights include: Hiking through snow-capped mountains in the Andes Riding our single-gear bikes on the World’s Most Dangerous Road The Amazon rainforest was so green and lush we were instantly lost. Smelling the stench of the jungle pigs befo... read more
La Paz, capital city of Bolivia
Camacho Market in La Paz
Tradition Indigenous Clothing

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Isla del Sol October 13th 2013

After returning to La Paz from our wonderful journey through the Salt Flats outside of Uyuni, we stayed 2 nights and prepared to leave for Copacabana. We took a taxi up to the Cementario area where the buses and combis leave for Copacabana and found a bus ready to leave and we were in Copacabana in a few hours. We stayed at the Hostal Sonya, on the 4th floor -- a nice room, clean with hot water. We explored the town and found that our hotel was away from the tourist mess on the main street. We walked down past the Cathedral with the beautiful blue Portugeuse tiles on the domes and the main square was an interesting collection of street vendors selling religious paraphanalia (sp??) and other stuff. Then the main street to the port ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz September 29th 2013

Good Afternoon, Folks! I´m very sorry that I have been so deficient at continuing this blog but it just seems like time has been slipping away more and more as we get closer and closer to our departure date of Oct. 17th!! We do have a little time today so I will try to catch up a little... We are currently in Uyuni, which is midway down from La Paz towards the south of Bolivia. We arrived in La Paz on Sept. 24th, having successfully crossed the border from Puno to Copacabana on Lago Titicaca and continuing right on to La Paz. I say ¨successfully¨ because I had committed an oversight and had NOT upgraded Rumi´s passport to a new one as it is slated to expire in late February (they only give kids 5 years ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz September 6th 2013

Au milieu du trajet vers La Paz, c'est avec surprise que nous sommes contraints de descendre du bus pour monter à bord d'un bateau, pour traverser une vingtaine de minutes un bras du lac Titicaca. Le bus quant à lui, se rend de l'autre côté dans une sorte de barque. Une demi heure avant l'arrivée, nous entrons dans la banlieue de la Paz et ses milliers de maisons en construction. Plus on avance, plus ça se densifie. La capitale nous apparaît alors pour nous offrir un panorama impressionnant : ville aux rues San Franciscaines, entourée de sommets enneigés. Le lendemain matin, après une matinée active, posés sur la terrasse de l'auberge à faire un point sur la suite du voyage (avec toutes les infos reçues depuis notre départ, ça fait du boulot!), nous passons l'aprem posés ... read more
Salut le lama moche

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca September 3rd 2013

Arrivés au terminal de Puno, un rameuteur nous propose un pack îles Uros + trajet en car vers Copacabana. Après avoir laissés nos sacs dans l'agence, nous nous dirigeons vers le centre-ville. Puno, c'est vraiment pas très beau : sur le chemin, beaucoup d'immeubles à l'abandon. Nous arrivons sur la Plaza de Armas vers 6h ; tout est fermé, et il fait froid. On bouge un peu dans les rues alentours avant de trouver un "casino" chauffé qui ouvre à 7h. Nous patientions un peu avant d'aller jouer sur des machines de poker où Hadrien va être en veine et nous rapporter plus de 5 Soles ! Après cet incroyable gain, nous allons faire le plein dans une pâtisserie du coin. Un minibus nous emmène ensuite de la place jusqu'au port. Première vue sur le lac ... read more
Cireur de pompes, un métier d'avenir !
Lac Titicaca

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz September 1st 2013

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel sake. The great affair is to move. (Robert Louis Stevenson.) Wandering down the cobblestone streets in front of our hostel, I turn right into Saragenara street, drop a few coins in the beggar women’s tin, brush off the guy selling happy mushrooms, pass the restaurant where we ate llama and pollo last night, the many shop fronts with their color full beanies, jumpers, scarves, skirts and other lama wool garments, the leather bags, t shirts with Che’s picture on front, the silverware and of course the music shops full of guitars, shakers, bongos and ukuleles. From his doorway the travel guy enquires about our plans. Have we been to Sucre? Have we seen the salt flats of Uyuni? Do we want to fly ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz August 27th 2013

La Paz After a most interesting bus trip from Puno we arrive in La Paz. The highlights being the countryside plus the ferry crossing. We are herded out of the bus and watch while our bus is loaded on to a boat, why we can’t stay aboard we wonder? We then have to pay to board another boat. As we are crossing the bay we watch in horror as our bus rocks from side to side in the swell, so glad not to be on board, reuniting with it on the other side. As the Altipano ends, La Paz appears in front of us. Nestled deep in a canyon with the snowcapped mountains as a back drop, the red roofed houses clinging to the edges overlooking the town Centre. It is an incredible sight. Imagine New ... read more
Four of Us From Lookout
It's Only A Bird Sue!
Venice or La Paz

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz August 23rd 2013

We needed to come back to La Paz to get our flight to Rurrenbaque (the amazon jungle) a couple of days later (as the plan first was...but as Dad says you always need a plan to foul it up!) but a dreaded toothache changed all of this!. After visiting Fernando the dentist who reminded me just like Dougie Houser l was given some antibiotics to take for 7days 3 times a day- As l was feeling a bit sorry for myself l managed to pursuade Craig that we should have a burger king (it actually didnt take much pursuading) ! whata mistaka to maka!..que 24 hours of being very poorly! whilst trying to keep antibiotics down! We needed to do two things, postpone the jungle and check into a nice hotel with a private bathroom, cable ... read more
Poorly gringo day wear!
View from the ´Rad´ darling
San Francisco square

It was only a 3 hour bus ride from La Paz to the lake-side town of Copacana. Passing through the Northern neighbourhood of La Paz, El Alto, was an interesting experience. A relatively poor, bustling area of the town. Judging by the time it must have been rush hour. It just felt like a sea of people, stalls and vehicles, all fighting for their space on the dusty streets. We stayed in Copacabana for 2 nights at a really nice hostel, quite big but they made us feel very welcome. They had a constant supply of free fresh fruit which was a nice touch. The town itself was touristy with people on the streets trying to get you into their restuarant, bar etc. We didn´t let that dishearten us as we knew it wasn´t the main ... read more
Vast amounts of space

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz August 20th 2013

Heute ist ein Ruhetag. Darum habe ich Zeit, um einen Blogeintrag zu schreiben. Was ist alles so passiert... die Abfahrt auf der "Todesstrasse" habe ich gut ueberlebt. Mein Abfahrtspartner ist aufgrund eines Unfalls nach La Paz fruehzeitig zurueckgekehrt. Er ist schon auf der Asphaltstrasse in eine Leitplanke gefahren. Ich hoffe, es geht im inzwischen wieder gut. Ich hatte dadurch eine Privatabfahrt, da unsere Gruppe, die normalerweise aus 6 Personen besteht, nur aus 2 bestand. Am naechsten Tag beschloss ich einen Tagesausflug nach Tiwanaku zu machen, wo ich ein schweizer Paerchen und einen Spanier kennengelernt habe mit denen ich die darauffolgenden Abende (inkl. eines bolivianischen Discobesuchs) verbracht habe. Tiwanaku ist eine praekolumbianische Kulturstaette, Unesco Weltkulturerbe, jedoch gibts ausser zwei Riesenmonolithen, ein Sonnen- und ein Mondtor, nicht allzu viel zu sehe... read more
Am Chacaltaya
Am Chacaltaya

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