Isla del sola and copacabana

Published: January 3rd 2009
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Russ and I left Santa Cruz for a small jungle town in called Samaipata 3 hours west. In between two towns on the way there were 116 speed bumbs. We took a sweet hike through the mountainous jungle and we met an awsome french couple with whom we left the next day inorder to make it to a music festival on the Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca for new years. The festival was a bit underwelming because there were not that many people but the location for new years was unto itself a once in a life time experience. Russ and I camped out on this sweet ridge with insane views of the lake but it was super windy there too and the second night it rained all night and my stuff got all wet. Lake Titicaca is at 11,400 feet, the highest navigable lake in the world and there are huge mountain ranges all around it, the water is wicked cold. We are now in Copacabana a small town right on the lake and we have been eating Trucha this tasty fish fresh from the lake. The Incas veiwed the Isla del sol as an extremely sacred place, the center of the universe and both the potato and the coca plants were first cultivated on the wonderous island. I am a bit cold here in the highlands but other than that, all set, love everyone.


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