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Published: May 5th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

So as you can tell, judging by the title of this entry, I set up a hammock in the solarium in the flat, which is like a top floor conservatory!!

Since the antics of last weekend, kinda of had to get cracking with a bit of work this week so that took a couple of days of casual grafting! Articles are progressing well and looking forward to the publication of the next issue. Actually spent Thursday afternoon distributing the latest edition of Bolivian Express, about the theatre of La Paz and other areas of the country. If you like you can read it here though there are none of my articles in this edition:

Had a few nice meals out, couple of trips to Cafe Alexanders and Cafe Beirut were pretty tasty! On my way home from a night out yesterday multiple cervezas encouraged me to get involved with the local nightime street treat - anticuchos! This traditional dish which origionated in Peru is a skewered kebab of beef heart marinated in vinegar and spices. Served with a couple of tatties it was naturally heavenly to me at 5 am!

Went to two gigs last night. The first was a fairly new band La Burkina who define themselves as a mutant rock group. The word Burkina means Integrity, in the African language Moore: The group interpret that to have artistic integrity, it is essential to mutute forms of music. The music was certainly varied and some it was pretty good although a lack of enthusiam and stage presence, along with a school hall like venue made the gig lame at times! Definatley need to play in a bar!!

Second gig WAS in a bar, Bolivian band ATAJO who combined elements of folk rock and funk with reggae. A great band to see live, particularly for a dance! Spent the rest of the night in Target until my heart-filled stroll home!

Tasty brunch at Sharrolls flat today with about 12 people, some of whom were feeling the effects of last night more than others - myself included!

Off to friends house tonight for a few casual cervezas if I ever leave the hammock!! Hopefully going climbing tomorrow 😊



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