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September 20th 2008
Published: September 20th 2008
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Wired La PazWired La PazWired La Paz

Wired La Paz
Greetings from LaPaz,Terry and I are sitting in the internet cafe with a stunning view of Lapaz out the window - it is hot and the air is thin. Clare and I caught up with sleep last night, she had 12 and I had 10. We all had an early dinner and crashed. Sleep has been in short supply. But never mind what have we seen so far is stunning -

In Santiago we had a stroll, bad meal (really soggy chips) and then returned to the apartment. The apartments are great so when we come back in a month it will be good, the homeless in Santiago have a better standard of living than at home , there is a bridge over the motorway close to the apartment and at the entrance to the stairs (you dont want to cross it at night) there was a guy living there with a TV. I have no idea how he plugged it in but it was on and he was watching it.

Then on to Lapaz, what an amazing place, hot dry and clear skies mostly. We arrived in the morning and had a rest then went for a gentle

Bolivian Sheila
stroll, two hours later we were back and knackered. But we had seen some of the markets, come close to being run over many times and been suffocated in exhaust fumes which really make it hard to breathe. Every where here is either uphill or down and if it is down you must come back up. We seem to be dealing with the hills ok at this stage, just take them quietly. Managed to find some meat markets yesterday - anyone for cows nose, tripe, cows feet, llama penis, brains or other unidentifiable bits all accompanied by flies. Then we found the witches market where you could buy llama fetuses and dried baby llamas.

Just returned form the markets and the first necklases, earings and bangles have been bought, I think the record was 17 necklases purchased in the USA but we will see. The traffic is diabolical, some vague traffic light system in use in some places, but otherwise it is just a matter of go for it, just cut them off, couple this with many vans which are apprently buses of some sort with guys hanging out the window shouting out where they are going, if you

Street Colour
want one flag it down and it will stop anywhere. Deisel seems popular here but you dont have to tune the car just let it belch toxic fumes into the already laden atmosphere!

Well that is all for now, next time I will try to add photos, at the moment it wont let me connect anything to the computuer so I will try later.


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