The Inca's seat and walking up the 14 stations of the cross

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February 12th 2015
Published: March 7th 2015
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We went to visit the Asiento del Inca which was the seat used by the Incas during their ceremonies. We saw where the King and Queen sat, where the Incas would eat during the ceremony, where they would rest and where they would urinate down a channel in the rock. An unofficial guide came to show us the rock, explained the parts of the rock and how they were used during the ceremony, complete with demonstrations. He also asked Ronald to do some demonstrations but thankfully not the one of the Incas urinating down the rock. Of course, the unofficial guide wanted money for his explanations and I was more than happy to give him a few coins. His demonstration of the Incas lying down in the rock resting, was so funny. He was comical without even realising it, taking himself very seriously.

We then climbed up the Calvary which included climbing up the 14 stations of the cross to represent Jesus’ crucifixion. In between the steep climb there was a viewpoint called ‘Mirador Sagrado Corazon de Jesus) located between San Cristobal and Santa Barbara with views looking over the town. This viewpoint was called ‘Huaca’ which means sacred place in Quechua. Whilst up there I saw ceremonial tables which were used by Andean priests to cure people’s ills. Nowadays the tables are used for blessing objects. One example I saw was of a couple who had brought their dish of Alasitas (the miniature objects) up to the tables and were burning incense around it in order for their wishes to get a blessing from God, making their dreams come true. Also at the very top of the Calvary there were more Alasitas on sale.


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