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February 20th 2007
Published: February 24th 2007
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Fianally arrived in Copacabana, Bolivia today. I wasn´t really planning on seeing Bolivia so crossing the border was a treat. Molly and I ran into two Australians that were heading into Bolivia so we´re travelling with them.
Instead of staying on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca we opted to travel south, cross into Bolivia and stay in Copacabana for a few nights. It was a great desicion as many other traveller´s said Puno (in Peru) isn´t worth the time and kinda a dump. The bus ride, however, was a different story. Leavering Cuzco on the night of the 19th (Monday) we realized at the last minute that we were on the wrong bus. No problem, the guy said, just hang out for 20 minutes and we´ll catch you up to the right one. Well, twenty minutes turned into three hours of standing when we finally caught up with our bus (now 1am). It was a good thing both buses were going in the right direction so we were lucky. Boarding the other bus, they had overbooked it so two of us got seats and the other two slept on the floor all the way to Puno. Arrival in Puno we hung out for a few hours and then had a four hour bus ride to Copacabana (finally!).
As if getting on the wrong bus wasn´t bad enough, somehwere in the mayham I lost my credit card. I took care of it and am definitly going to survive but ít was one more things that went wrong that day.
Lunch in Copacabana was delicious and we spent the afternoon hiking and gazing over the beautiful blue waters of Lake Titicaca, one of the world´s highest navigable lakes covering over 9000 square kilometres. It´s over 230kms long and 97kms wide and the water is gorgeous.
In Copacabana we saw their famous vigin of Candelaria that, apparently, cause a whole bunch of miracles in the area. The statue wasn´t really that spectacualr but it was very beautiful. In the same church there was also a Capilla de Velas (candel chapel) and when it´s full, apparently sparkles with thosands and thosands of candels. We only saw a few hundred. There was wax grafetti that covered the walls.
We ended the day with dinner consisting of trout from Lake Titicaca and it was delicious!

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