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On Monday I was supposed to go to a museum with my Spanish teacher, but that didn't work out as it was closed. Once again Bolivians didn't like something and striked by not working. It is an annoying habit, but it seems quite effective. So I had my usual 4 hours of Spanish and watched a movie with my teacher. It was called "Who killed the white llama", it was about corruption and drugs, the protagonists were cussing the entire time and the movie was pirated with a shitty quality so I didn't understand anything! Fortunately I had the English subtitles to help me out. In the afternoon I walked to my trusted juice bar (as always) only to find it closed! That pretty much ruined my day... Fortunately the next day was pretty exciting. At ... read more
At the restaurant with an amazing dessert
Photo 4
3 (!!!) of the rare 10 ct coins

South America » Bolivia » Cochabamba Department » Cochabamba October 14th 2012

The week greeted me with the first rain during a day. Fortunately I made it home in time and didn't get too wet. In the afternoon at work my boss was suddenly like "Girls, I need a break. Wanna get some juice?" Hell yeah we want some juice! So we walked to the little juice bar at the corner of the street and got the best juice I have had in my life! You can always chose the fruit and then if you want it with water, milk or ice. It all costs a little less than 1€ (ca. 500ml) and is freshly made. After my first sip I decided I would buy one every day and try all the different kinds they offered. So far I had mango with milk, strawberry with milk, strawberry-blackberry with ... read more
my classroom
my personal hell (or the laundry area)
found some super cute dresses close to la Cancha

So my week began with a super sexy sight. In the trufi in front of me was a man cleaning his ears with a screwdriver and I was so distracted I almost missed my stop. No I'm kidding, I just wanted to get out of there! In the afternoon Mechi and Santi were playing together and the game looked as follows: Santi was wearing a Hulk costume and was chasing Mechi. After some while he would die and Mechi then would put him on my lap, so I could reanimate him. Then it started all over again. Chasing, Dying, Reanimating...after six rounds or so I said there was nothing more I could do and this time he was actually dead. Santi, sitting next to me on the sofa, let out the biggest possible fart that can ... read more
One cool taxi
"The sky is the limit"
Cochabamba city

South America » Bolivia » Cochabamba Department » Cochabamba September 28th 2012

First of all there will be lots of different names appearing in my blogs, so I'll introduce to you the most important people: Alcira: my host mum Andrea: my host sister (and Alcira's granddaughter) Paola: Alcira's daughter who comes over every day Ariel: Paola's husband Santiago: Paola and Ariel's son (he's 2 or 3 years old) Mechi: Alcira's goddaughter who also lives at the house Those are the people who are around me every day, but of course there are many visitors as well. On Monday I was picked up in the morning and taken on a walk through the city. I got to meet everyone at my organisation's office and all the important places around (post office, internet café a.s.o.). I then got a Bolivian sim card for my phone, but unfortunately my phone didn't ... read more
The street my office is located in (and the Andean mountains)
A photo for my article

South America » Bolivia » Cochabamba Department » Cochabamba September 24th 2012

Day 339 Friday 14th September Had breakfast with the cheery ladies again this morning we sure will miss them, but at least we got eggs this morning only because I pushed in. Paid the bill and there was a taxi waiting out front so we were on our way for our 9.00am bus to Cochabamba. The bus is one of the better bus companies El Dorado yes you would have thought we would know better and there was definitely no gold lining on this bus. I learnt one lesson I waited till the last minute to board and let everyone get settled in their seats. We are heading down to 2553m and warmer weather so we can’t wait, as we have spent the last month between 3600m – 4000m. The bus was hot and stuffy so ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Cochabamba Department » Cochabamba September 23rd 2012

Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with. Coming to Bolivia I don't know the language or the culture, but I am not nervous at all. Any normal person would probably freak out and prepare as much as possible, but all I did was worry about my 30-hour trip to get there. On saturday I met the whole family I am now staying with and had to discover that noone speaks English. Well, my host sister knows a bit, but it's not really enough to communicate. My Spanish isn't as bad as I thought, I am able to communicate most of the time and if no words work I use my hands. They told me about a German volunteer who stayed with them and didn't speak Spanish at all, so I wasn't doing too bad. ... read more
The dance show
The girls dancing to "it's raining man"
The girls dancing to "it's raining man" 2

South America » Bolivia » Cochabamba Department » Cochabamba September 20th 2012

My big journey began at a pretty crappy time. 5pm to be precise. The first adventure was right after my first flight. The security in Hamburg wanted me to open my trolley and take out my camera for an extra scan, so I thought I'd be smarter in London and took it out right away. Especially since the security check there took forever and I only had 30 minutes until my next flight. I was told there were some new security standards made by the government which took place the first day and caused all the chaos. Well just my luck! Once I was through security I grabbed my stuff and ran towards my gate which was 10 minutes away (boarding had already started and the gate was supposed to close any minute). Halfway through I ... read more
My room
My room
The view in the morning

Hello everyone! We had about 3 days in sucre. We started our second day by walking round the city. We popped in to the local free museaum which had an exhibition of Bolivian mask , very intresting and amazing how stunninof some of thesemasks were. When we got back to the hotel my tour leader Carolina knocked and said she had a delivery for me. It was a white rose and I later found out it was suppose to be from the receptionist! We went quad bikacted for the day. I was expecting it to be round a dirt track however we went round the countryside n cliff edges and mountins for 3 hours! Was a bit scary at first as I kept thinking I was going to go of the edge because I couldn't steer ... read more

Aurora 3 Guarbi 1 (Part 4) A very low key match on a Saturday evening in Cochabamba at the Felix Capriles Estadio. This was a Liga A game and the attendance was a measley 2,000 or so. A little on the disappointing side but Cochabamba is a much smaller city than Santa Cruz so what can you expect. Quality of footy was the poorest we've seen ot the trip so far, these lot would make Blackburn look good! Aurora are mid table and Guarbi are adrift at the bottom of the league so that may explain things a little. Tomorrow we´re off to a Liga B game with Cochabamba´s other team Wilsterman, expectations aren´t high!! Despite the low numbers, there were still a few fans who made the effort, banging drums and setting off flares and ... read more
Aurora v Guarbi
Looking cool!
La clima en Cochabamba es bonita!

South America » Bolivia » Cochabamba Department » Cochabamba November 16th 2011

On our last day in La Paz, we took a relaxed day trip to the Moon Valley - sandstone stalagmites that are busy eroding away. A lot of the town actually looks like that - not sure what type of insurance the guys take out for their houses! We saw some house clinging precariously to the edge of the sandstone cliffs. The past few days have seen big action! We kicked off with the Death Road cycle - claimed as the most dangerous road in the world, we set off with 4 others and a guide. The first part was great for Phil - 32kms of downhill on smooth tarmac. The rest of the road kept Marco happy with downhill offroad stuff for the next 33kms. The scenery was spectacular, the photos don´t give it justice. ... read more
Moon Valley
Moon Valley
 Shoe Shine!

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