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September 20th 2012
Published: September 25th 2012
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My big journey began at a pretty crappy time. 5pm to be precise. The first adventure was right after my first flight. The security in Hamburg wanted me to open my trolley and take out my camera for an extra scan, so I thought I'd be smarter in London and took it out right away. Especially since the security check there took forever and I only had 30 minutes until my next flight. I was told there were some new security standards made by the government which took place the first day and caused all the chaos. Well just my luck! Once I was through security I grabbed my stuff and ran towards my gate which was 10 minutes away (boarding had already started and the gate was supposed to close any minute). Halfway through I realized I had forgotten my camera at the security check, cause I had taken it out of the trolley. Could it get any worse? Hell yeah! After running through what felt half of Heathrow airport I arrived at the security check pointing my finger at my camera yelling "That's mine! I need it now!" The guy was not impressed... he said he needed to scan it with one of those sticks they use when people carry metal on them. Since he didn't have one at the moment he asked the lady next to him to borrow it for a second. She acted like a child saying "No, that's mine. get your own!" At this point I gave her one of my very rare evil looks (Note: I was running there and forth with all my belongings for at least 10 minutes and my face was a deep red). Immediately the stick changed the owner and my camera was scanned. With no time to pack everything up I ran with now 3 carry-ons and no time to my gate. At some point a Spanish businessman was running next to me and when we turned around the corner to get to our gate we saw at least 50 people standing in line waiting to board. We stopped and gave each other that "You got to be f***ing kidding me" look. Arriving in Madrid all I wanted to do was sleep and that's exactly what I did getting on my plane to Sao Paulo. My neighbor woke me up to tell me I haven't even put my seat back to sleep more comfortably (I had missed the take-off, too) and that they were about to serve dinner. Since I had a disgusting sandwish at the airport I decided to put my seat back and go back to sleep. It worked out pretty fine and I was able to sleep for the next 9 hours or so. Once I woke up there were still two hours left and I began talking to my seat neighbor. He was a Portuguese man who had left his life in Portugal behind and was about to start a job in Brazil. He was in the same situation as me and had to spend the entire day at Sao Paulo airport before getting on his next flight. So we hung out for the next 7 hours together before I had to leave. We had some very intersting conversations and spending my time like this was much better than what I was prepared for (iPod and Gameboy). When I arrived at the waiting hall for my flight to Bolivia I looked at the Bolivians surrounding me and thought to myself "Hm..they're not really pretty. I guess I won't see too many hot guys". Boy was I wrong! The steward on my next flight turned out to be a Bolivian god, a mix of James Dean and Baptiste Giabiconi with a South American touch to it. On the plane I sat next to a Bolivian army officer from La Paz who was on one hand really nice and on the other a freaking pain in the ass. He wanted me to speak Spanish all the time and when I told him everything I knew he still asked for more. I've been travelling for the past 24 hours and not in the mood to concentrate on Spanish! He taught me new things and made me repeat them over and over and whenever I tried to say something without his help he laughed at me. I then punched him in the arm. Yeah, that's right! I punched an army officer for being mean to me, that's how tough I am! When we were about to land he gave me his e-mail address and told me to contact him if I go to La Paz. I had to promise him I wouldn't leave the airport in Santa Cruz, cause it was very dangerous (I had like 15 minutes there and really no interest in leaving the airport). When i missed an announcement at the airport about transit passengers being allowed to cut in front of the line he said: " I told you to listen to the microphone!" Well duh! just cause I listen to the microphone doesn't mean I suddenly understand Spanish! Finally I was on my last flight and all I could think about was how my 30-hour trip was almost over. I was tired, dirty and smelly and arriving in Cochabamba I felt relieved. I was finally at the place I will call home for the next 6 months. Carmen from my organization picked me up and I was able to call home to say everything was fine as my own phone wasn't working. My host family welcomed me with open arms and gave me some dinner and a coca-maté before sending me off to bed. I fell asleep right away not caring about the screaming kids, loud cars, barking dogs and the monotone melody of a pan-flute.


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