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Published: November 16th 2010
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day before halloween. I dont have a costume and actually right now my stomaches not entirely
ok. Think Im still going out which is Ironic. Many moments have arisen that actually make me
contemplate what the hell Im doing. For example drunk watching the sun come up and after
sitting at jose luis's house at 8am drinking a beer. ...

Seeing 3 sunrises back to back...

I worked security at this discoteca called Tequilas and failed sort of at stomping randoms from
approaching the band. I managed to somewhat succeed in my new job but they may just like me
and have decided to just let me in for free and give me a few drinks.

I also joined a rugby team "National Rugby team of bolivia" only because theres only 6 different
teams in the entire country and we might play chile next week in cochabamba. ALso if I end up
being good at the sport I will be traveling to peru with the team for a tournament on the 27th.

I had a new partner for a conversation period of my classes a korean named miguel who has helped
me along the way and has cured a little something that was missing when I had classes alone.

Im starting to blog like Caroline because I have lost my day by day lust of making blog entries
probably because my life has become busier than it was when it started.


ITs November 3rd, and the 2nd was day of the dead. ON monday I was a little ill and waking up
at 2pm I thought it was sunday till I went to school to go get food with kevin and they asked
me why I didnt go to class. First I thought it was a joke but as I noticed all the teachers
walking around the thought occured to me that It was in fact monday. Well thursday cant recall
exactly what went down not even sure if I went out. Friday was my first day working security
at this club Tequilas where I djed for the first time down here. I worked for like 7 hours
with jose but not really we just mostly drank alot and after we went to some place called tequilas
and were supposed to meet up with danielles like 10 girl friends but I got too drunk and called
it a night early. Saturday drank some and night fell into a state of unrecollection because
of how intense my sunday was. Sunday was in fact halloween and Really wasnt ready to Dj or
even go to a mansion party that was planned and From getting home at like 5am I was already
running on less than 6hrs of sleep. All in all the party was probably one of the most epic nights
Ive had not only in bolivia but in my life and also not I drank a record of more than 15 hours.

Dont feel my blogs can do justice and all of october will remain for my personal memories.


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