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September 17th 2010
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WEll the weekend came around like it always does and I recall even thinking to myself "I hope this ends well". T.I.B. is our new joke we have when ever something crazy happens or you fall on a rock or something you just gotta be like well "This is BOLIVIa". WEll I had asked Kevin to meet me at school when we were out at 1130am so we could trade some music and maybe since he had 2 USB drives he would let me use one. Getting out of school Kitty caught me in the hallway when class was over and said she wanted to talk to me right away. I told kevin to wait for me in the student center then told him there was pizza outside. THeres an little old lady that apparently stops by every once in a while maybe twice a week that I discovered is Aricelli's Grandma who cooks some excellent pizza that she sells for 5 bolivianos a slice. I purchased two slices and met up with kitty in her office. She explained to me that John was going to be having classes alone nothing personal or anything just one on one classes with a teacher are more beneficial
for students. The offer was 550dollars to have classes alone. I told her Id think about it after the next week I was going to be having alone. That was the extent of our conversation. I met kevin in the student center and posted a couple blogs. Hours went by and now I literally have no more available space on my laptop considering Kevin gave me all his music. I have many repeats and more music now than I know what to do with and much in spanish. Jose LUis knew of a party or some sort of event and actually wanted us to meet up with him at 5pm. IT was around 4pm and I asked Kevin if he wanted to go with me to my house because I left my 3rd and last Amoeba pill for the week at my house and needed to take it to complete my week of antibiotics or what not. Arriving at my house I stil wasnt feeling 100percent but still wanted to go out so grabbed my pill finished the coca cola I had at my house and ate some noodles that Kevin wasnt interested in with some meat. I left saying bye to Daniellea at my house and then KEvin and
I called caroline considering building a party crew especially in bolivia is always important when theres a girl involved. If the girl your with is white its even better haha just kidding Carolinea we love you and your company...well sort of. She agreed to meet with us at the school and had trouble leaving her family or something just claiming that she was going to Quincollo. We really have no idea where these parties end up and we trust Jose Luis alot so we decided to
pursue our adventure. Ken was at the gym or something during this time of arranging our meetings with JOse luis and missed out a little on the journey. Before we met up with Caroline we had to stop at Kevins house because he needed to drop his backpack off and change or something what a woman. Since Kevins house is like right next to Caroline instead of meeting her at the school like we planned we had her meet us at KEvins house. I didnt feel like walking anymore so I said Id pay for a cab down to Alex's shop where we were meeting JOse LUIS. Arriving at the videoshop
he was no where to be found and talking to him he said hed be there at 5 and 30min past 5 we decided to call him. HE said he was like a block away so we didnt worry anymore. We just sat on a bench observing a man lying face down who was all dirty. WE jokenly as well continued to spit sunflower seed shells at caroline and watched her get somewhat frustrated. Jose luis made his appearance and grabbing a cab he told us we were off to Bossa Nova. Bossa Nova was the club in Quincollo that got rolled by the police last week so at first I was somewhat sketched about going there but at the same time I was becomming very curious about what goes on there as I had heard there was a giant outdoor pool. In the Taxi from what we could hear over the conversation with Caroline and KEn he was fairly upset that we left him and wasnt really prepared to try and take a Taxi to Quincollo the next city over and get off at Kilometer 5 but he did successfully very well for a POlitical science major. WHen Caroline, Kevin, Jose LUis and I first arrived
there was hardly anyone in line or anything like the last time we came and they were checking ID's at the gate. Caroline didnt bring hers god knows why but considering JOse luis knew some others around by the gate and also probably because she was a white girl they let us in. It was like 20b's to get inside and getting inside it was worth it. There was a huge pool encasing the area with bridges all around so those could walk over. IN the back there were like several balconys and many people were already drinking and partying early. As nightfall came more and more people arrived and the lights began to change the scenes. After drinking maybe less than Half a beer my stomache began to turn and in doing so I saw Ken walking through the entrance. I waved and what not and when he came up to us I handed him my beer and he was fairly thankful. WEll they continued drinking and I started chewing more seed and watching everyone dance when my stomache began doing horrific things. First look at the bathroom I knew for fact I would rather shit myself than go through the other option of using the bathroom. I made my way back to the group after taking a piss and then chilled with the group a little longer. I bet Ken at this time that he couldnt chug his liter of Taquina in one breath. The betting amount was 5 bolivianos. Ken found this somehow a challange to his manhood and did it with no problem. After his other beer I made him the same offer and but he failed to finish his beer completely so he was left without any bolivianos that time. After about 5 min I could almost feel the beer he drank. HE stumbled around and we were all starting to have more fun than when we first arrived. At around like 9o clock or so Jose Luis got a call from his brother and claimed that there was another party that was full with his brother djing. I was stoked and wanted to see this but getting into the cab it hit me again how aweful the amoebas were treating me. My head was started to ache and the drive from Quincollo with three dudes in the back of the cab one being me and Caroline and Jose luis sitting shotgun the ride seemed to prolong itself into infinity. The group in the decided to eat first so they could continue drinking and we stoped at the islas. Las islas are a small chain of street food that are only open at night and serve all types of mexican food from Burritos to Cow hearts. We stopped and all grabbed burritos. I wasnt feeling so well so as Ken and KEvin split to grab burritos and I followed Jose luis and caroline. They went to the bathroom on someones house and AFter meeting up with Kevin and Ken they did the same and actually ran into one of the teachers Lilliana. I devoured my two burritos and felt somewhat better but still didnt have any energy to continue on the night which was strange because it was like before ten. I never call a night that early thats just absurd but with amoebas you just have to listen to them. Well I departed towards my house via the same taxi as the others but we dropped them off first at this UCATEC. I actually had a facebook invite of this event going down at UCATEC and one of my friends I came to know was djing. THis particular guy SEBAS Blizzard was Alex's boyfriend and we share songs over facebook which might not be the smartest idea. I actually ran into Alex and Sebastian at BOSSA NOVA but they soon left to UCATEC where the party was going to be happening until like 4am. I was really saddend knowing that I had to return to my house at 10pm and doing so was somewhat satisfied when I shit solids. That night was no more for me.

Weve all seen the man by the liquor store beggin for your change
The hair on is face is dirty dread locked and full of mange
HE asks a man for what he can spare with shame in his eyes
get a job yoou fuckin slobs all he replied

God forbid you ever have to walk a mile in his shoes
Then you really might know what its like to sing the blues

Seen a rich man beg
Seen a good man sin
Seen a tough man cry
Seen a loser win
and a sad man grin
and heard honest man lie

Why am I fighting to live
If IM living to fight
What AM i trying to see
when there aint nothing in sight
What am I trying to give
when No one giving me back
Why am I dying to live
If im juyst living to Die


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