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South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 21st 2007

As promised, some more pics from Sucre! Our last full day there was spent doing a day hike toward rock painting, an old local Inca Trail, and pretty much enjoying great vistas all the way. As said before, as pretty as the white city is, it´s surroundings are possibly even more spectacular! Some pics are attached here of this hike, together with Jen and local JoyRide guide Charlie. Also some pics from our second game of "walley", which is a sort of volleyball game, except it´s played in a squash court, and you´re pretty much allowed to use any squash, soccer or badminton trick you can think of !! Ah yes, and then also a light "snack" of the street, barbequed corazon (that´s a cow´s heart). Again, not for the vegetarians amongst us ! Some other ... read more
The Maragua crater in the distance.
Some of the impresive rock formations.
With Jen at the rock paintings !

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 20th 2007

My first impression of Bolivia when I crossed the border on the 1st of April was...what kind of jungle I got into? Not in a pejorative way but compared with Chile and Argentina, the country just seems like a mess and that is when I really felt that I was in the heart of South America. For the moment I haven't seen one supermarket, you can only see street vendors at every corner and selling random junk. If you need some shampoo you just need to ask one street vendor and they'll point you a hundred metres further at a women with a bowler hat on, chewing coca leafs and with a baby rapped on her back who will solely sell toiletries, nothing else. On the boarder town of Villazon met 3 aussies and we had ... read more
Getting all the stuff and ready to blow
The group of gringos from the bus
Sam the aussie

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 17th 2007

Cochabamba and Sucre South America » Bolivia » Sucre By patrickscott April 17th 2007 Patrick ScottAgain, trying to catch up on where I have been, here is my last entry from my travels in Bolivia before heading back to Canada. Here are some pictures of Cochabamba and Scure. I wish I could elaborate more but that would mean I will just get further and further behind on my blog. The last picture posted here is of my last bus ride in Bolivia before returning to Canada. The accident happened between Sucre and Potosi on the way back to La Paz. Luckily everybody was safe on the bus and in the jeep that hit our bus before sending us int... read more
Cristo de la Concordia
Church in Cochabamba
Main plaza of Cochabamba

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 16th 2007

The long awaited "break" from travelling, finally, we got to a point where we just had to unpack the bag, hang everything up in a wardrobe (it´s the simple things that matter here), and just not move..... Sucre. I don´t think we could have picked a better city for it. It´s big enough to have decent facilities, but not too big (like Santa Cruz) to have way too much anoying traffic. That, and it´s pretty too, most buildings in blinding white, and world heritage listed! Last but not least, it´s cheap as chips!!! We stayed in quite a lovely hotel the first 2 nights, pre booked for us, and even that wasn´t too expensive for starters. Decided to use the first full day there to look for long term accomodation, and also for a good enough ... read more
General Sucre, in the central square
The Metropolitan Cathedral
Sta Theresa Church, one of many, most in white.

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 12th 2007

Oh well, might as well write this of my chest whilst I´m still feeling the coffee-buzz amplifying 5 days (excluding Good friday and the weekend) of pure frustration. I´m not good dealing with idiots at the best of times and thankfully I´ve never realy had to deal with any in a work situation. So far we´ve experienced Bolivians as friendly and heavilly underpaid. I think by now we have discovered there´s a reason why most of them are underpaid: - They have no sense of urgency. - They have no concept of service, or helping people in any simple way. - They have no concept of processes, let alone do more than one thing at a time. - One could argue, they actually know anything at all about their job. - Or in short, they´re just ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre April 3rd 2007

As mentioned before in Santa Cruz, being off the organised tour now, we more or less make up our plans as we go along. This was another example. After a very nice stay at La Vispera, we got excited about NOT getting on a long distance bus to Sucre. Also, there was word that some of the roads to Sucre were closed for large vehicles as parts of the roads were washed away with the heavy rains at the begining of the year. And this is how we end up in another one of these old converted Japanese taxis to take the backroad to Sucre not in 1 day, but 4, and taking in the sights and scenery. In the end, it turned out to be another gamble with great results. From Samaipata we looked into ... read more
The mass grave of Che and his 6 mates, Valle Grande.
Mural painting at the hospital, Valle Grande. The writing at the right is Che´s last postcard to his children.
The laundry at the hospital, Valle Grande. Where the pictures of Che´s corpse were made, before going across the world. Plenty of grafiti as well.

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre March 26th 2007

Il est impossible de ne pas tomber en amour avec Sucre et l'artisanat extraordinaire des villages avoisinants. Tant de couleurs et de détailles nous ont fait délirer. Dans cette petite ville tranquille ont ne sent pas exactement en Bolivie. Nous avons pu y apprécier un concert hommage à Luis Espinal avec des chansons de Silvio et Atahualpa Yupanqui. Nous avons grandement apprécié les salades de fruits du matin et le marché du dimanche des tarabucos.... read more
notre ami pedro

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre March 19th 2007

The White City South America » Bolivia » Sucre By Kon Bros March 19th 2007 Scott and RobWe headed south from La Paz to Sucre. The plan was to spend two or three days here, but it ended up being the city we could not leave: we stayed a week. This was our favourite spot in Bolivia and one of the most beautiful cities we visited. We did a one day bike trip that included a stop at the dino tracks, lunch at a little resort and an afternoon of jumping waterfalls. Great day. Most of the rest of the time we were playing poker and kickin back.... read more
Just the Tracks
Scott vs. T-Rex

Another quick blog. First I am trying to use a "statistics tracking" program for my photos. The program shows number of hits, what site visitors came from and what city, state, country they came from. Now the last blog i sent out showed 0 hits from Illinois. Now for you that don't know it i am from Illinois and if this is correct it means that even my mom isnt looking at my photos. So just in case there is any confusion I only put a few of my photos on travelblog but instead include a link to my photos which are hosted on smugmug. So, if you would like to see some of my photos from tarabuco CLICK HERE Now a little about what is going on. i went to tarabuco a few weeks ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre March 10th 2007

what do you do when you travel to a country basically to take photos at a festival and it is raining all day long the day of the festival? That is correct, you send out a new blog. Well I arrived to Bolivia almost a week ago after stopping in Arequipa and Puno in Peru on the way here. I am currently back in Sucre, Bolivia and I have already been many times to my favorite restaurant in south america and had their world famous $4 fillet Mignon stuffed with olives and cheese. i came here to take some photos, especially of the pujllay festival in tarabuco. Well today is one of the days of the festival and it rained all day long so it was "washed out". Tomorrow i will go rain or shine ... read more

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