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December 12th 2011
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I woke early dripping in sweat. I am very aware of the fact that the rainforest is humid but oh my god there is humid and then there is rainforest humid. Sweat dripping from everywhere. I decided to have a shower thinking this might cool me down however it made no difference to my sweat factor at all.

We headed to the jeep for an early departure into the Pampas. 9 of us piled our selves into the jeep and headed deep into the jungle in search of wildlife and eager for the experience ahead. When you are sweating your entire body weight of water in a rather small and non ventilated area you quickly become friends with the people surrounding you and normal eticate goes out the window, literally. This meant within 30 minutes into our 3 hour bumpy, dusty and sweaty jeep journey we were new best friends for life. On this jeep journey we found our first wild animal, a sloth. It was far away in the trees but it was a wild sloth. Never have I ever been so excited about the earths laziest creature.

After a quick lunch stop we arrived at the river edge. We climbed on board our vessel of discovery and met our friendly guide, Tas. As we began our journey down the river to our eco-lodge, which became our home for the next 2 nights, we saw lots of different species of birds, capibaras, monkeys and alicators.

On the boat journey down I witnessed another boat of tourists feeding the wild monkeys bananas. I did not feel comfortable watching this. My intention was to observe nature in it´s own environment not actively engage with it. Therefore, arriving at the eco-lodge was filled with mixed emotions. I was under the impression that eco-lodge meant some where that was thoughtful of the environment and did not cause any harm to it´s surroundings. I was hesitate as to how the eco-lodge was protecting the environment with beer cans and water bottles scattered on the ground. I was glad to find out I was not the only one on the tour who felt that interaction with the animals was questionable and just how eco was the eco-lodge. We all watched the sunset and headed to bed early on full stomachs. I lay under my mosquito net getting bitten to shreads hesitate to the next 48 hours.

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My new best friends looking at the Sloth

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