Bolivian Amazon

Published: May 12th 2006
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sunrise in the junglesunrise in the junglesunrise in the jungle

even when traveling I sometimes have to get up early, but this it was worth it
After having a good weekend in La Paz, it was time again for some action. Ever heard of the Death Road??? I already too many times before, and now it was finally time to get myself on a mountain bike and see for myself if the deathroad is that deatly!! We started with a groep of 9 other dare-devils and they took us by car to 4600 meters.
Got the bike and they sort of say go for it, although we had to stay behind a guide. 3 times big problems with the bike, for the rest lots of downhill speed and lots of fun and we all made it safe till 1100 meters.
Long nice decent trough great scenery. Sometimes just 30 centemeters biking along a big cliff of more that 300 meters......yeah people do this for fun....
In the town of Coroico where the bike ride ended, I was looking for some kayaking!! the good information of the Lonelyplanet told me this was the best place in Bolivia to do it!! And it WAS....The locals didn't even know what kayaking was and when I found a Gringo that lived there he told me that the French guys that did
Nice Biking EH??Nice Biking EH??Nice Biking EH??

Just the scenery is already fantastic, but even better speeding down the road
it left the place 2 years ago...........

Luckily there are heaps of great stuff to do in Bolivia so I continued my way to Rurrenabaque, the start point to explore the Amazon Basin in Bolivia.
Met up with an english guy in the bus, who was in to some good action so together we booked a 4 day jungle trip...we wanted to go a bit further than the standard 2 or 3 days.

After an amazing boat ride we arrived in Base Camp...all the luxury of a bed and some hammocs to chill out!! Nice hiking on the trails, chasing wild boars, staring to this tiny spott in the tree from wich the guide says it's a monkey!! real fun.
Second day another trail close to base camp and we were lucky to see turtles, macaws and a coral anti venom for this extremely poisonous snake, so I could'nt get a close up pickture of this bastard!!
For us our jungle trip started in the afternoon of the second day....backpacks on our back, no other people more besides the guide and the cook, and now we started to get a bit futher.
The more basic the better,
nice small road in this huge valleynice small road in this huge valleynice small road in this huge valley

to give you an impression of the road we biked
swinging on lians, balancing over small trees and a bit of bushwalking to the dense jungle.
The third day we even had to make our own camp, and the best thing was this swimming hole were we could finally wash our sweat of.
Great trip, bit exhousting becouse we woke up many times at night to do some wildlife spotting (read listening to the sounds that the animals made).

When we came back in Rurre I wanted to fly back to La Paz....but he flight was delayed till the next day. No other option than go for a beer and participate in the Bolivian National Sport of Karaoke......yeah we had fun

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how do you like my make up???how do you like my make up???
how do you like my make up???

After the bike trip we stopped at this awesome hotel to take a dive in the swimming pool, We needed it!!
Rio Beni, the bolivian amazonRio Beni, the bolivian amazon
Rio Beni, the bolivian amazon

We had to take a boat trip for 3 hours before we came to our base camp. from then on the action started
bolivian amazonbolivian amazon
bolivian amazon

Do a bit of flying with the help of a liana, good fun a swing in the jungle
Airport in La PazAirport in La Paz
Airport in La Paz

It was kind of exciting if we would make it, but since I still can type this we were worrying for nothing
It's for real, I'm singing karaokeIt's for real, I'm singing karaoke
It's for real, I'm singing karaoke

I don't think the locals realy apreciated that I took the microphone, but we had to do something because our flight was delayed a day
Our bolivian airplaneOur bolivian airplane
Our bolivian airplane

We should enter this yet a day before, but we finaly made it then the next day

12th May 2006

Goed bezig Mattie. Als je thuis maar geen karaoke gaat doen dan vind ik alles wel best
12th May 2006

Echt super vet allemaal. Lijken wel foto's uit een brochure.
21st May 2006

he, cheater! zit je een beetje onze sport te promoten in andere landen, waar moet ik nu karaok doen dan? krijg ej nu ook een jug of beer, als je hebt gezongen? of die van iemand anders dan... mooie foto's man, zeker van die uncle tan's jungle kamp! je ziet ze ook overal...... tot snel! gr job

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