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January 10th 2016
Published: July 16th 2017
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On Sunday 10th of January I take the 7:30 AM bus to San Martin de los Andes, which shows up around 7:45 AM. In Pucón there is a bicycle race and the road is blocked fir more than 2 hours, but never mind, we're not in a rush, 8 or 10 hours in the bus, who cares! ;-)
At least in that time I can review all Lonely Planet says about San Martin de los Andes, la ruta de los 7 lagos and surroundings. I think 1 1/2 days are much too short but maybe I'll find a nice tour which permits me to see as much as possible. Otherwise I'll try to rent a car and do it on my own.I just read in my book "eat, pray, love" about this all consuming "controll-freak" symptom that makes people sick. I think I kind of am a controll-freak as well. No, I know that, I love to be in charge and always have. Since I started travelling across South America I have been trying to let go of that, but it's not easy. I guess that's why I was so upset these last days, things didn't go like expected. So
San Martin de los Andes - ruta de los 7 lagosSan Martin de los Andes - ruta de los 7 lagosSan Martin de los Andes - ruta de los 7 lagos

On our way we got into a trafic jam and some people just couldn´t wait... xD
my big challenge for this travel and for the futur is to stop this. My "muse" is my very good friend Marta from czech republic. She just lives, never wanting to control anything and she's one of the happiest persons I know. Everytime I feel this whish to control or this anger about things being out of my control, I ask myself : "How would Marta react?" and this usually cslms me down and makes me happy again. Just go with what life gives you! :-) But some days it's harder than others, you never finish learning, right? ;-) In general I think I'm doing well though, never having a concrete plan where I'm going, having no reservations, etc. The only thing I do reserve 1 day before is my bus ticket. :-)So, in the end we arrive with only 1 1/2 hour delay, that's really great! The route was beautiful, I just love crossing the Andes, even if the mountains here aren't as high as in the north. We crossed some very small wooden bridges, just large enough for 1 bus and you think : "OMG that bridge doesn't inspire confidence, I'm sure it will break down!" It never did though. :-)

Arriving at San Martin de los Andes, first I thought, nice, but just small city. Then I went to the center to find a hostel and immediately fell in love with this town! It's very touristic but sooo cute and beautiful! I love it! :-D
Every Sunday, the main road (calle San Martin) is closed for cars and there is a artisanal ferry all along the street, everywhere are musicians, comedians, etc. The lake is really close to the center and very pretty. AND I had the best ice-cream of my life!!! :-DI was really lucky and got one of the 2 last beds in the hostel. Everything is full booked here and it's not a good idea to show up without reservation. Lucky me! :-) I also booked a tour to the 7 lakes and Villa de la Angustura and in the evening I hada delicious pizza! I LOVE ARGENTINA !!! :-DSecond day : the tour is 30 minutes late - of course! - but the driver/guide, Marco, greets me really friendly and on first sight it appeared that he's a great guide. We are 10 people of all ages and all very different, but the tour is great. The landscape around route 40 or "ruta de los 7 lagos" is very beautiful and Marco gives us lots of infos about the fauna and flora. We learn that there are much more than 7 lakes in this area, but that only those right next to the route are part of this touristic circuit, so there are only 7. The lake next to San Martin de los Andes, el lago Lacar, is not considered being part of the circuit either, because it's the only one that goes into the Pacific Ocean. We went as far as Villa la Angustura which is also a cutetown, but I preferSan Martin de los Andes which is more charming.

It was all very beautiful and interesting and I'm happy I did this tour. On our way we say lots of hitch-hikers but nobody seemed to take them. That's when I realied how lucky and happy I am I don't (have to) hitch-hike but can afford to take busses. I would never be able to get everywhere so fast and do all my program if I constantly had to wait to get a lift. First that's what I planned to do, but fortunately I didn't. It looks really time consuming and exhausting this constantly waiting and competing with others to get a lift.
And I must say, the bus lines are very well developped here and the buses are quite good, even if the toilets aren't great and there is no wifi. But at least I get everywhere I want at almost the time I want. :-)

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San Martin de los Andes - ruta de los 7 lagosSan Martin de los Andes - ruta de los 7 lagos
San Martin de los Andes - ruta de los 7 lagos

The best ice-cream ever !!! :-D

17th January 2016

so glad you has such a nice time there! :)

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