THE BIG ICE!!!! Puerto Moreno

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April 27th 2012
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The next day after completing the W trek, we arrive in beautiful El Calafate, the Big ICe trek awaits us. we book ourselves in for the next day hoping for good weather.

We get picked up early and driving for nearly two hours before we reach the glaciar well inside national park, this has nothing on glaciar grey in Torres del Paine, its incredible, it stretches back for miles back up into the mountains, an incredible process is at work here, where the glaciar advances quickly and every two years it cuts off this lake by advancing right into the the cliff face, the lake then proceeds to erode a cave, then an arch, in the glaciar, until eventually for the lucky few who witness the entire front of the glaciar crashes down and the process starts all over again, the last break away was just a month before we arrived, and you could still see alot of the ice from that floating around!!! after getting some great photos, we head on to the boat (yes another boat) but its only 20 mins, right up beside the glaciar and they drop you off beside the glaciar, we then hike along the lateral morraine, where your right beside the glaciar, your then met with the guides who fit you with crampons, and take you out onto the ice itself, show you best way to scale the slippery slopes of the glaciars rugged surface, its just incredible, we walk around for an hour stop for lunch on the ice, explore a cave, then another hour we wind our way back!! we trek back over the morraine, back to the boat, where this time we're greeted with glass of jamesons best and glaciar ice, perfect end to an exhausting but exciting day!! just to finish it off, we see a big chunk of the glaciar fall and crash into the lake below!! the photos will describe the rest!!


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