Day one

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December 20th 2011
Published: December 20th 2011
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Day one
Going going gone
Finally the day arrived when it was time to go it's amazing how slowly time goes when you have to wait.
Wait to go to the airport and once there you have ┬┤to wait yet again and then you go to another airport for a connecting flight and you wait again.
A penny for your thoughts, if I had a penny for all minutes spetn waiting for Planes buses and train during my little trips here and there I could have a free trip to anywhere.
Now for some meaningless facts
Estimated travel time including sitting around in airports 24 hrs
For the first time I have overweight, my tent.
Yes you're eyes are OK, a tent, what the ... is totally mad or what? Well my brains are morre or less in the same state as always , you can draw your own conclusions.
I got this here tent with sleeping bags and some other stuff for 80 euros, second hand of course, blessed be the internet and all you can find there.
I reckon it's summer in Argie loads of people on the road and maybe all the cheap rooms are taken, maybe all the rooms are taken soo, then we'll camp.:-D
OK who's we? He always travels alone doesn't he?
We = Nathalie my daughter who has been living the last few yaers in Buenos Aires in Argentina, where she has studied enough to be a Physician, next week and the me who you all know.
Where are we going; to Ushuaia the southerm most city in the world!!


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