Day 664 - Going Home

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January 31st 2009
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We're heading home tomorrow, 664 days after we left the UK. We spent one year teaching English in Korea and a further nine months travelling through 15 countries on three continents. Our route took us from England - Thailand - Hong Kong - South Korea - Japan - South Korea - China - Vietnam - Laos - Thailand - Peninsula Malaysia and Sabah - Thailand - New Zealand - Chile - Peru - Bolivia - Braz... Read Full Entry

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31st January 2009

You did it your way....
Amazing.....ill miss your blogs. I wish you a safe journey home and many good blessing when youre on own turf. X
31st January 2009

What an amazing trip!
Wow! What an amazing trip you've had. We've now been travelling for a similar amount of time and have followed a very similar route to you so it's been great to see your pictures and remember the great times we've had. We have a few more months until we finally hit the UK again but I hope your return goes smoothly and I'm sure you will enjoy seeing everyone you've missed - something I can't wait for! Happy future travels!
31st January 2009

A lovely final blog. I really enjoyed reading all your adventures. Here's to happy travels in the future. :)
1st February 2009

Safe trip home!
Dear, your last blog made me smile and laught, just like all the previous ones did, thanks again for sharing those stories! Wish you both a safe trip back home, success in your job search and hopefully an other around the world trip not too far off! Let me know if you were to stop by China again :-) Xin Nian Kuai Le!(happy chinese new year)
1st February 2009

Thanks for the great stories and amazing photos!
1st February 2009

Insightfully Inspiring...
Thank you for sharing a brief yet eclectic summary of your adventures... I'm in the process of planning the unplannable ( and your blog really shows how only loose plans are needed, for the randomness of where you find yourself (and in what situation) is all part of the experience. The paragraph on safety is very apt... the world ain't a bad place as the propoganda driven media would have us believe... it's just full of different people with different thoughts and ideas, opportunities and endevours... many struggling to get by with what little they have, and so when an opportunity is "given" by careless backpackers; you can't be suprised if that money hanging out of your back pocket, or 80-million-mega-pixel camera is stolen for your unzipped bag. Please keep writing, you appear to be very talented at it. Many Thanks, Will (aspiring Nomad)
1st February 2009

What a fab entry at the end of this journey, loved reading all your thoughts and recalling some of the places I have experienced aswell! I love all the photos too......Sarah :-)
2nd February 2009

How good am I?
Yeah! Being with me made it into the highlights! Obviously they are in chronological order or I would be at the top. So I guess youu'll be either home or on your way through the skies right now. It makes me sad! Speak to you from home. Becky, xxx
2nd February 2009

Awesome trip
Love to see others travel. My wife and i did a 4 months rtw trip and it was the best thing ever. The only bad thing is that now we want to go again and are trying to think of ways to scrape it together. AWESOME that you kids had that much time to run the globe.
26th February 2009

just starting reading your blog today. Very well written and interesting!
19th July 2009

I just found you and spent most of the day reading your adventures. I'm so-o-o jealous. I traveled to a few of your places with my husband but don't think I can do it now physically. I hope you travel again for your pleasure and mine, both literary and photographic.
18th December 2010
Koh Tao, Thailand

Amazing picture!

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