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February 8th 2009
Published: March 5th 2009
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Mark shows off his piece of meat!
Day 679 (06.02.09)

Today we were headed from Buenos Aires to Rosario, a few hours to the north. We´d planned a day or so in Rosario to break up the long journey to Iguazu where we´d cross over to Brazil in our journey over to Rio for carnaval in a couple of weeks time.

All the way through South America we´d wondered about the size of the bus station in BA, imagining it to be of epic proportions as in every town we´d been to so far, in every country, it seemed that you could catch a bus to Argentina´s capital city. When we´d arrived a few days before we hadn´t been disappointed by its massiveness, and back there once again we searched the multiple ticket desks for the next bus to Rosario and accidentally managed to get ourselves booked onto a plush, first class, cama bus - shame!

Sadly the bus was only a few hours but we made the most of the massive seats and enjoyed the most comfy journey we´d had in a while!

We found a place to stay and turned in for the night, eager to see Rosario the next day.

Day 680 (07.02.09)

Unable to get out of the lazy morning habit we´d developed in BA it was just turning afternoon by the time we hit the streets and walked towards the river, a vast brown expanse on the edge of town.

We made it to the Monumento Nacional a la Bandera, the city´s major landmark containing the crypt of Argentina´s flag designer, where we went for a ride in the elevator up the tower to get some good views, albeit in the rain, of town and the river and the rest of the large monument beneath us.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the central part of the city with our heads held high to admire the grand architecture that makes up this area.

Just as the rain returned we passed a cinema and checking what was on we decided to get tickets to El Sustituto (known more commonly as The Changeling!). A serious story but a good way to spend a dreary afternoon.

Our hostel had a big barbecue out the back which mostly filled a tiny balcony. A few days ago we´d decided that in our remaining days in Argentina we really should make the most of the cheap and excellent steak here by eating steak every night until we departed. We eclipsed the good efforts of the past few days by picking up a kilo of beef for less then 3 quid and cooked it up on our barbie for a fantastic dinner (and lunch and dinner....for the following day!) Lovin the steak!!!!

Day 681 (08.02.09)

The weather was gorgeous today but it was time to move along so we walked to the bus station in the morning, booked up some tickets to Puerto Iguazu and had a lazy afternoon before catching the bus out in the evening.

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The monument: Is this burning, an eternal flame?

After effects of the recent tornado, we missed it by 3 days.

Queueing for cinema tickets

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