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October 16th 2008
Published: October 16th 2008
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the fountain at the park
SOOOOOO....this weekend was long and wonderful because of Columbus day there was no classes Monday :-) yay!!! The week days are pretty normal for me, I just go to class during the day and then go to salsa classes or hang out with Maxi...oh yeah I do some studying every once in awhile too ;-) haha

SO, my weekend...Friday, as always, Maxi and I went to lunch...pretty normal. We also went to Parque Independencia for a little while just to sit down, hang out, and enjoy the view of the fountain and some of the interesting birds. They were too far away for me to get any good pictures but there was a couple of interesting looking ducks and some other random birds too....Argentina has some cool wildlife i must say!

Saturday my friend Scott and I hopped in a cab and went to the beach. It was pretty was really hot that day and the sun was out until about 5 when it started to get cloudy and gross and we were getting ready to leave by then anyways! We're talking about going this weekend was really nice to just lay out on the sand. The

me and maxi <3
water was a little colder than I would prefer but it was nice to wade in when the sun got too hot.

Saturday night, of course, I went out with all my boys! We went to MOORE again which is a club I don't particularly care for because the first few hours all they play is techno...which I hate...with a passion but later in the evening they play cumbia and I get to dance with all my men which is fun.

Sunday was rainy and gross so I spent a lot of the day inside. I did get to the river before it started raining to check out all the craft stands that are out there every weekend which was nice. And then Maxi and I went with some of the other guys to the mall here. It is very much like a mall in the states, just one floor though.

Monday was our day off of school YAY!!! It was pretty rainy and gross so I spent the morning just hanging around the house watching movies. Then I walked to a small local art museum. I think there is a bigger one...but this is the one

I'm not sure what this was originally but there are remains of it around the park
I saw on the map so it's where I went. It didn't take me long to go through but it was nice and relaxing. There was like no one else there so I just listened to my ipod and examined the art without other people talking or bugging was good. Then Maxi came and we went to Parque Espana to hang out and then grabbed a quick bite at a resturant before he had to go to work.

Then Tuesday started my normal week back up with school and all the norms. My friend Diego's birthday was yesterday so we went out to eat last night and i'm sure we'll be going out this weekend too haha.

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me sitting waiting for lunch on the beach!

ha scott looking cool on the beach

me before we went out

the whole gang...actually i don't think banshee had shown up yet...but almost the whole gang

this is what the club looks like downstairs...this is why i like the upstairs!

I look just like the statue right?!?!haha

I liked this pic. because it is the first painting i've ever seen of mary with her dressed in jewels and riches

this is me infront of some cool art thing that i don't really know what it was but there were a bunch of them and they were fabulous

this is what i was in front of in the other picture

These are fish that were really cool looking and made out of some type of metal

me in front of the sign by the museum

This is on the street by the museum it says "Rosario, the best city to live in"

well this is actually at parque independencia which is in front of the museum...but whatever haha

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