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September 5th 2008
Published: September 5th 2008
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I´m officially in Rosario now! I arrived here after a 4hour bus ride from BA on Tuesday! We spent the first night sociallizing and went out to a local hang out place. I got to chat up some locals and learn some new slang :-) The next day we tested for our spanish levels and had orientation and then met our family!!!

So my family is totally amazing. I live with my mom, dad, sister, and brother. I spend the most time with my mom. She´s been taking me around showing me where places are etc. My brother works all day and then has a tendancy to go out at night...he´s supposibly going to take me salsa dancing on Wednesday! My sister leaves for class right when I get home...but she´s graduating in a month from law school! It´s all very exciting.

We have internet in the house but my computer is not connecting :-( but my brother´s friend is coming over tomorrow and he´s going to try and get it to work for me! YAY! And my brother is oh so wonderful that he´s letting me use his computer right now so I could check my email etc.

The house is BEAUTIFUL!!! I have my own room and there is a living room, dining room, kitchen, and 3 other bedrooms on the first floor and then up stairs is another bed room and the laundry room and then there is like a roof balcony which is beautiful and has a small pool for when the weather gets warmer (which should be in about a month). I´ll post pics of the house up once I have access to my computer because I don´t think my brother wants my pics on his comp lol. I live about 20 blocks from school so I can walk if the weather is nice...and if not I take the bus! Getting used to public transportation is scary.

I started classes today and they were fine. The spanish ones especially no problem. My history class...well that was boring and very hard to understand...it´s going to be VERY VERY difficult but i´ll live.


5th September 2008

school is cool
that's gotta be crazy going to school there. Sounds like a beautiful house ur living in. Me so jealous. Glad I can read ur news on here :-)
6th September 2008

Sounds like a good time:)
Sounds like you are having a good time. Glad to here it.

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