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South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Los Antiguos April 16th 2018

Vanuit Puerto Aysen rijden we door een smalle vallei richting het oosten. Alle bergtoppen zijn prachtig besneeuwd. De zon komt steeds vaker tevoorschijn en als we Coyhaique naderen wordt het schitterend weer. We stoppen bij een uitzichtpunt vanwaar je een mooi uitzicht hebt over de stad met daarachter de bergen. Coyhaique is de grootste stad van de omgeving en het is er dus ook erg druk. Wij doen wat boodschappen en zijn dan weer onderweg. We kunnen wederom geen wegenkaart of gas vinden. Het landschap is hier veel droger als voorheen en we rijden over een hoogvlakte en kunnen goed snelheid maken. De weg klimt steeds hoger en in de bergen van het Cerro Castillo Reserve komen we de eerste echte herfstkleuren tegen. De bossen tegen de steile berghellingen kleuren fel geel en rood. Uit de ... read more
Prachtig panorama
En nog meer koeien
Het meer is in zicht

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Los Antiguos February 1st 2018

When I looked over the different sections of the route, as designed by the Ride Adventure company, I noticed that today's run, at 120 km, was by far the shortest. I wondered why. Now I know. While the scenery was spectacular, as always, today’s trip was all about the road. It wound along the southern shore of this, the second largest lake in South America, a winding slash carved out of hills that drop straight down to the lake. Sometimes swooping down to water level, sometimes climbing high to the plateau, the ride provided all the conceivable challenges a gravel road can offer – except for one. It was dry. If it had been wet, I would still be out there. Have you ever noticed that little orange @ indicator light that sometimes goes on when ... read more
Morning, looking East along the lake
Goat right of way
Lake associated with a mine, a thousand feet above Lake Gral Carrera

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Los Antiguos January 21st 2015

Los Antiguos - Argentina. We rolled into this Argentine boarder town just in time for their cherry harvest! Yahooooooo The Cherry trees are growing in rows inside an acre that is surrounded by giant Poplar trees.... read more
Poplars in Los Antiguos

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Los Antiguos February 12th 2014

PATAGONIA: Argentinian Rules...Following the Judge down Ruta 40. When heading into the unknown...a Guardian Angel or four comes as more than handy. When a stranger...a tall hombre in a ute flying an Argentinian flag says "Follow us...the road is dangerous ahead"...Do you follow? We did...and who'd have guessed how it ended up? ***** There were supposed to be four of us but we are in Bariloche in the west and our friends who organised this trip are back in Buenos Aires in the east due to the accident on New Years Eve. They had booked a 4WD for us four to drive down the Andes from Bariloche to Ushuaia at the bottom. We can't decide whether to wait for them if the suspected sprained wrist is not serious or proceed on south...just the two of us. ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Los Antiguos February 23rd 2011

Rano nas cakal dalsi den straveny cestovanim, na dnes sme mali naplanovany prechod hranic - z Chile Chico /Chile/ do Los Antiguos /Argentina/ a odtial co najskor, najlepsie v ten den dalej na juh. Na hraniciach opat problem, Slovensko sa v spanielcine pise Eslovaquia, niektory colnici to bohuzial este stale nezistili a vytrvalo hladaju pod S. Samozrejme, ze cloveka z krajiny ktoru nepoznaju a nemaju v zozname nechcu pustit dalej a vzdy to chvilu trva, kym im vysvetlime o co ide a ze Ceskoslovenko uz davno neexistuje. Aby sme na tento hranicny prechod len tak nezabudli, tak sa este rozhodli prekontrolovat nase batohy. To znamenalo dat ich dole zo strechy /isli sme mikrobusom/, otvorit, vybrat veci a potom znova vsetko pobalit a vylozit naspat. V Los Antigos uz ziaden autobus v ten den nesiel, tak sme ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Los Antiguos February 14th 2011

After days of hiking and walking around I was ready for a change and so was Anna. In Bariloche there is a circuit that people do on mountain bikes. The circuit is around 27kms long and gives you a great variety of scenery from the area. The night before Anna and I had meet a few other people and had arranged to do the circuit with them. So we meet at 9am and then waited around 45 minutes for one girl to finish getting ready. Don’t worry, enough said. After getting the bus to the bike rental place we hired our mountain bikes. Solid brick mountain bikes, they weighed more than me, and I’m pretty heavy. And off we went. It was a hot day, and the sun beat down on us relentlessly. The ride however ... read more
At the top of Cerro Campanario
A bird soaring
More of the view from Cerro Campanario

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Los Antiguos February 13th 2011

Money, money, money, why does it always cause so much stress. Here’s the thing, during my last contract in London, there were issues with payment, one simple issue really, they weren’t paying me on time. By ‘on time’ I mean they still haven’t paid me and it’s now the 22nd of Feb, so some of the late payments are going on four months now. This has been a huge inconvenience, to say the least. I have lost money in interest charges. I’ve had to juggle money around, I’ve had to constantly worry about what money was where and when. If I had been paid on time, none of this would have been necessary. Worse still is the need to constantly chase the money, I‘m on holiday, I want to forget about work. And for every e-mail ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Los Antiguos February 9th 2011

We had come to Los Antiguos to relax for a few days. Living out of a backpack, hiking, travelling, constantly being on the move can be tiring. So we decided that we were going to relax and enjoy, and neither Anna nor myself could have asked for a better spot. So we packed a picnic and headed to the lake. The water is cold, but crystal clear, I went in to about shoulder level, that is around 170cm, and I could still see my feet. Afterwards, to celebrate life we went out to dinner at a place called Morena Mia, the only place in town where we could find a WiFi connection that actually work. There we drank some delightful Argentinean white wine while munching through a gigantic pizza. 10/02/2011 - Day 24 As Los Antiguos ... read more
Dinner anyone?
Picnic at the lake
Some are braver than others

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Los Antiguos February 8th 2011

Los Antiguos, what a wonderful place. A quiet small town that is besides Lago Buenos Aires, the second largest lake in South America. Walking next to the lake Anna and I wondered once again about the pros and cons of tourists and tourism. The street we were walking down that ran next to the lake was still under construction. There was one hostel that was up and running and a number of houses/apartments that were still being built. The rest of the town was in pretty much the same state, though closer to the centre of the town the buildings and restaurants had a modern flair. As we strolled down the road the only thing we could hear was the odd car or motorcycle that went past. It was around 1 in the afternoon, so no ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Los Antiguos February 7th 2011

People have the strangest of ‘comfort zones’. Some people will jump from aeroplanes, others will climb cliffs without a rope. Others find it difficult to make conversation with strangers. One of the great things about travelling is the opportunity to move outside of your comfort zone. While we were travelling around China and Tibet, Anna and I both had to get used to lavatories that were outside of our comfort zones. Don’t worry I won’t go into the gory details. One of Anna’s other comfort zone issues was the idea of sleeping in a hostel, that is sharing a room with complete strangers. Unfortunately for her the places we were going to were too expensive for us to even entertain the idea of having a private room, so she had to expand her comfort zone. Needless ... read more
A small town

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