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February 8th 2011
Published: February 24th 2011
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Los Antiguos, what a wonderful place. A quiet small town that is besides Lago Buenos Aires, the second largest lake in South America. Walking next to the lake Anna and I wondered once again about the pros and cons of tourists and tourism.

The street we were walking down that ran next to the lake was still under construction. There was one hostel that was up and running and a number of houses/apartments that were still being built. The rest of the town was in pretty much the same state, though closer to the centre of the town the buildings and restaurants had a modern flair.

As we strolled down the road the only thing we could hear was the odd car or motorcycle that went past. It was around 1 in the afternoon, so no one was working on the construction sites. The amazing thing was that there weren’t any loud jet skis roaring across the lake. No one was waterskiing, there weren’t any people parasailing, the lake was still. Nothing. Just one or two solitary men fishing.

It is idyllic. But it won’t last, it never does. Before long one company will start renting out jet skis and other services/equipment and then another. Before long all you’ll hear is the noise of engines roaring across this gentle lake, and the peace will be gone, forever. With it will come jobs, and with jobs money. This town which now is famous for its cherries and other fruits will soon become just another lakeside resort town. And if the locals are happy with it, then all power to them. I personally feel that it is a shame, but I don’t live there, so financially it is of no concern to me. I hope though, that whatever money is raised from tourism , some of it will be used to help the town and keep this beautiful clean lake exactly that, clean and beautiful.


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