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South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén February 24th 2015

Having enjoyed a few beers and rested our tired legs and feet we made our way back into Argentina and up to El Chalten, the self proclaimed trekking capital of the world in southern Patagonia. Patagonia is largely untouched and barely inhabited, some call it the last refuge left on earth, home to wildlife and dazzling scenery with vast horizons. It is a land of contrasts, the arid plateau, the lush vegetation and forests, the lakes/rivers and glaciers. El Chalten is a tiny outpost town in the Andes, it is quiet and picturesque and the perfect place to see the transition between the vast dry Patagonian steppe and the majesty of the mountains and ancient ice. It is a town that is only open for a few summer months to facilitate the trekking and climbing season ... read more
Inviting waters
Panoramic View
Hiking In

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén February 19th 2015

Pulling into the small town of El Chaltén around 7pm we pulled into a parking lot used for those leaving their cars during multi-day treks to get our masterchef and trip planner on. After concocting a not-quite-gourmet meal of a flavoured rice packet with tinned tuna, we consulted our guidebooks about the various walks available in the northern side of the beautiful Los Glacieres National Park. We formulated a plan for spending a few days in the area taking in two long walks to view the main mountains: Torre & FitzRoy (esteemed peaks in the mountaineering world). Howling winds overnight and rainstorms in the morning had us reassessing our plans so we took a leisurely pace for breakfast, reorganising the van, refilling petrol and visiting the park ranger's office for advice. With the weather improving and ... read more
A rare clear view at Cerro FitzRoy (peak on the left)
Cold but happy at the view over Glacier Torre

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén January 20th 2015

We arrived in El Chalten - Argentina ( the trekking/mountain climbing capital) I know it probably sounds redundant but this in terms of landscape beauty is over the moon.....we camped riverside right at the base of the mountains. We arrived around noon had a nutritious lunch of PBJ and apples. Boy oh boy my body is dying for fruits and veggies, all you can find is apples, the odd nectarine and carrots. We packed our backpacks with snacks and water and started off on a 7km hike to Lago Capri......reaching our destination was a little peace of heaven as it was about 30 degrees! Lago Capri is a glacier lake at the base of Mt. Fritzroy (climbers come from all over the world to summit this mountain) Not a shocker to those who know us well, ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén January 19th 2015

El Chalten is amazing - the town is built beside a river right at the base of fabulous mountains to climb. We parked and didnt need to move for 3days, doing new treks everyday. Mountain climbers come from all over the world to climb Mt.Fizroy and Cerro Torre. We managed to hike to the base of both mountains. Hike #1 - 7km ( a warm up for....) Hike #2 - 22km... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén January 19th 2015

Today we hike to Laguna Cerra Torre - 22 km It started out a little iffy with comments like .... "Are we there yet", " I need a break ", " I'm tired " But once they got their hiking legs there was no stopping them! The pot of gold (laguna Cerro Torre) at the end of the rainbow was so incredible! Enjoy the pics!... read more
Glaciar Laguna at Cerre Torre

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén January 18th 2015

After a long day of hiking we decided to go out for dinner, we all ordered a cheeseburger and bam this is what came:):) !!!!... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén April 19th 2014

PATAGONIA: El Chalten...Drive in the front...Blown out the back. If you want a reason to come to Argentinian Patagonia...El Chalten is a must. The famous images of the front of the Fitz Roy & Torre Ranges from that funky town are known to many. Breathtaking in any language. But have you seen what's out the back...behind those famous peaks? No public transport going that way...but with a you're cookin'. ****** We slept well at La Siberia Estancia...Patagonian winds whipping across the soda lake and through the crack in the window like a knife slicing the darkness...then heavy rain...clear blue sky greeting the morning. Fun hot breakfast with the Uruguayan bikers and Julia's cakes...hitting Ruta 40 full of dirty puddles spraying the windscreen...exciting to continue South. Then it started snowing. Passing snow topped cones maybe volcanoes... ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén March 31st 2014

There is no bus route direct from Rio Gallegos (which acts as a hub for buses to places in the far south of Argentina) to El Chaltén, so we got the bus from El Calafate. It left at 8.00am, cost around AR$120 and arrived around 12. The bus stops as you enter the national park and everyone got off to listen to a talk from the park rangers, with the choice of Spanish or English. The talk is really informative and tells you about all the different hikes and trails around El Chaltén. They tell you how long they take (their estimates are pretty spot on) and how far they are etc. We were really lucky with the weather, which was sunny and most importantly clear. The rangers said people could stay over a week and ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén March 25th 2014

From El Calafate I caught a bus three and half hours and 220 kilometres north to El Chalten. Perched on the edge as the same national park as Perito Moreno (Los Glaciaros) El Chalten is the heart of Argentinean walking country in Patagonia. There are only two reasons why people come to El Chalten - to walk or climb Mount Fitzroy and Cerro Torre. (Just to confirm for reasons I hope the photos will make all too clear the latter was never an option for me!) The similarities between El Chalten and Puerto Natales/Torres Del Paine are striking but so too are the differences. El Chalten is close enough to its attractions that you can walk directly from the town. As a result, whilst it is certainly possible to rent a tent and walk a circuit ... read more
View across to Cerro Torre
On the trail back to town
Autumn Colours on the Trail Out to Fitzroy

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén March 3rd 2014

Day 12 Another early (8 am) start with a long hike (24 km's) to the base of Mt Fitz Roy. Short drive to the entrance of Los Glaciares National Park along a gravel road running alongside a vast valley of the Rio Blanco river. The trees along the valley cliffs are just starting to turn yellow and in a months time apparently turn a deep red before dropping for winter. The walk is generally flat following the river with a sheltered forest at the start before opening up into more open an exposed areas with great views of another significant glacier (Pridras Blancas). There are over 300 glaciers in the park with only the very large ones named. The end of the trail up was a strenuous 400 mtr rise in altitude over 2 km's along ... read more
Glacier on way to Cerro Torro
Normal Fitz Roy on clear day
Top of the Fitz Roy climb

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