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December 14th 2007
Published: December 14th 2007
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Perhaps a little over dressed?Perhaps a little over dressed?Perhaps a little over dressed?

On the boat to Isla Victoria.... was freezing!
Hola! It has been absolute sheer madness the last week or so... quick update so I won´t forget and I can add more detail later.
Went to Isla Victoria in Bariloche - gorgeous, lovely walks around island and boat ride was good. Back to hostel and met Israeli roomie - it was Honika so I just had to help celebrate... in an Irish Bar! Great band playing and the place was mobbed (Tues night), did not get home until after 5am. Silly, stupid, dumbass Lisa thought she could go to bed for the 45 mins or so until I had to get up for a 6.30am bus.... Of course did not hear the alarm - mad panic when I did wake at ten to eight... grabbed bag and legged it to travel agents--- two choices, wait until Friday for the next bus (it was a three day tour ending up further south in El Calafate) or get a taxi and chase the bus.... At this stage the bus had almost a two hour head start. I figured by forking out loads of money for this I would learn a valuable lesson not to stay out late when I have an early

View from Isla Voctoria
morning bus to catch (so far so good)... Anyway, caught the bus after four hours just as the group were sitting down to lunch... They were all kinda chatting together since they had been together for the past six hours.. I was shy especially after being the last to sit at the table... after about five mins someone asked "did you miss the bus?" I blushed like crazy and meekly said "yeah"... THe entire table erupted and the ice was seriously broken.... Once again I was the "clown" or person to pull the piss out of... Deserved in this case!
Anyway, route 40 (equal to route 66 in the States) except not tarred (well 90% of it is not) so major bumpy and dusty. Stopped lots and saw lots of crazy animals. Stayed in Perito Morreno the first night and El Chalten the second night.... On the Friday I did a 13.5 hour (35 km) hike - up and down very big hills (small mountains) and then two hours hiking on a glacier and also climbed an ice wall then absailed down. Absolutely brilliant - I{m so thrilled with myself! Must keep it up. No wild nights out here -
The road is long.....The road is long.....The road is long.....

And very blooming bumpy and dusty....
still catching up from Happy Honika! Lx } photos to follow soon.

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Run VicunaRun Vicuna
Run Vicuna

The vicuna running along side the bus. Like a Ilama but different!
35 km hike35 km hike
35 km hike

Big "hills" eh!
Hi ho...Hi ho...
Hi ho...

Getting the gear together
Fox flying across a glacial riverFox flying across a glacial river
Fox flying across a glacial river

Can you imagine how cold the water would be... birrr. Was fun but tough, my arms not as strong as I would like.
All geared upAll geared up
All geared up

Clampons and harness... hot look I think not!
A very well deserved dinnerA very well deserved dinner
A very well deserved dinner

Yummy steak of course with yummy wine!

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