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March 11th 2012
Published: March 11th 2012
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Our time in Buenos Aires has come to a close. We didn´t do a huge amount on our last day, I got my phone sorted finally, we went to a modern art museum and packed for our flight the next day. The flight down was pretty good, they seemed to just give us endless free drinks and we even got a small cardboard box with some biscuity treats inside. Having said this, the champagne oyster consome was sub par and the braised condor was absolute garbage, but over all it was pleasant. The landing seemed a tad speedy. Our descent compared to a normal one is similar to going down a firemans pole compared to a slide. It was all good though and we landed safely in a vast nothingness by a lake. They call it ´nothingness´ but if im honest i could actually see quite a few things, such as grass, mountains, water, an airport. Maybe the travel guides didn´t see them.

The plan is to do the mini-trek tomorrow which involves walking on the actual glacier, so i´m preparing myself to become one with the ice (without getting frozen).


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