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May 29th 2012
Published: May 29th 2012
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We have finally escaped Mendoza! Tried to leave on friday but the border to Cille was closed due to snow, then o satruday it was the same. So we decided to come up north in Argentina to Salta. We were celebrating finally leaving Mendoza when the bus broke down 20 metres from the bus station! Haha felt like we were being imprisoned there, we changed bus in the end and made it that time. We had 3 final days so kept calling them the last final day. I also put my swimming shorts on the radiator, and they melted in about 5 seconds! so annoying!

Had a 22 hour bus ride to Salta, was so long that they had entertainment like bingo, and a 15 year old one a bottle of wine so that was suspect. Was also hard playing bingo when you dont know many numbers in spanish!

Staying in a hostel called 7 duendes and its pretty good, checked in then set out to find some food. We went for a drink before dinner and ate in a place called dubai. Turned up at he restaurant at 8.30 and they said they werent open yet! so came back after the drink. n the end it was a pretty funky meal, i wanted curry and stuff but ended up with just a lump of wheat and meat, look very processed so that wasnt great! Probs gonna stick with the south american food now...... We also booked a trek for the next day at a tourist office where no one spoke english, they didnt have any change, and a trek was the same price as a horseride which doesnt make any sense.

The trek was also not a trek, was a walk through a forest to an average viewpoint for about an hour and half so wasnt really much work to be honest. I wanted a long hard walk as wanted to do some exercise and earn the asado! But was still a fun walk, i climbed some trees and pretended to be a monkey, so intrepid. The asado was the main attraction though! Had so much meat it was ridiculous, they just pretty much chuck a whole cow on the bbq then serve it to you with salad. My kind of BBQ! Fed the dogs a bit, making them catch it as they were pretty athletic, they also had the least politically correct names: Negro and Batty! Found it hilarioso. Felt so ill afterwards and had to lie down for a while. We then got a lift back to the hostel in the back of a truck which was pretty uncomfortable. Wasnt massively hungry so just had two sausages and some pasta then we watched just go with it and started prelashing to go out. Drinking games were fun then we taxied it to the bar street called balcarce and entered the first one we came across pretty much! Started off with a huge tequila shot and ended up with us doing indian dancing so was a fun night!

Today I have been bungee jumping! It really was incredible absolutely loved it! It wasnt massively high but included dipping in the water, which completely fudged with my senses and disorriented me, but was very fun! Simon bungee jumped as well, his scream was pretty funny, was like a half hearted scream and ended up coming out as a squeak pretty much. stef and a girl we met did puenting there, stef almost didnt do it but she manned up in the ended and loved it!

Probs just gonna chill in the hostl tonight as am leaving to go to chile (hopefully) tomorrow at 7 am! funsies! so next blog will be in Chile yay!!!

miss you all shloads

love vector xxxxx


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