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June 15th 2008
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The word for today is WOW!

Once again, we started at dark o'clock, but this time we didn't get back until 6 or so. We traveled to the winery-laden pueblo of Cafayate (Cah-fah-ZHA-tay). To get to the town, one needs to pass through Quedabra Cafayate (Cafayate Canyon). If yesterday was Mt. Lemmon, today was Sedona.

I'm not exaggerating. This new camera starts over numbering shots every time you empty the card. As I was looking through my photo organizer, numerically there was literally an alternation between photos from today and photos from Sedona last week. I had to look for the (a) after the number to be sure what was what at times! In fact, in my first draft, I accidentally included a Sedona photo on this blog.

Anyhow, it was amazing. There were these handmade flute things that were being sold roadside. I bought one and am going to attempt to learn a few bars.

Around 11:30, we made it to the town of Cafayate. We only visited one Bodega (what with the requisite tour before one is permitted to taste, there would not have been time for two). This area has a grape that they specialize in called Torrontes. It is a white grape. Normally I don't even give the whites a passing glance, but as this is what Cafayate is known for, I had to taste. It actually was pretty decent, and would make a great summer picnic sort of wine. It's kind of like a sweeter, smoother, less acidic Savignion Blanc. Of course, I also tried the Malbec, which was good as well.

After the tasting, we had two hours to wander and find lunch. There were several artisan markets with unique items. I actually did a bit of shopping. I got some cool mate accessories.

One thing I have realized on my return is that all of Salta is pretty much closed on Sunday. This might force me to actually get a decent night sleep for once. I need to, as tomorrow I get to leave half an hour EARLIER to go up to Jujuy (Hoo-HOO-ey for all you anglo's).

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17th June 2008

The pictures are amazing. I look forward to these posts. I hate when they end.

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