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DAY 19 A lazy 10. 30 am start lead us to believe we going to have a leisurely day mainly sailing across a series of lakes joined by 4wd bus sections where the lakes did not join. At the same time we crossed through customs & immigration procedures from Chile back to Argentina with a 2 night stop at the picture postcard town of Bariloche. First stop was to ensure our luggage was correctly tagged as it required 6 changes between boats to buses before we would see it again & that needs a lot of faith in South America. Then boarded a catamaran for a 2 hr sail across Todos los Santos. With overcast skies & mist around the hills the emerald lake was not to be seen at its best. We had a long ... read more

Hola, mis amigos! I have much enjoyed bouncing around in the Patagonia region of Argentina. Here are some photos for enjoying a wee bit of what I have been seeing. Although, I have been around a few more places than I can show you, it is because I had unfortunately deleted a bunch of photos from my camera, by mistake. So all of the wonderful birds I photographed in El Calafate at La Laguna are all gone. One of the hazards of travel, when one does not know one´s camera´s operations very well. Or, it was a matter of pressing buttons with my sunglasses on? I´ll never figure that one out. Just trust me when I say, I did a lot of bird watching. Here is the list of what I saw for those of you ... read more
Photo from the bus
Waterfall walk, El Chalten
Hiking in the hills

Barry-low-chay, not Bar-low-sh, was the perfect destination for the Valentine’s weekend portion of our pre-wedding honeymoon. I’m not sure if I mentioned that this trip is serving as our honeymoon trip even though our wedding is not until August. The weekend started out a little rough when our flight from Salta was delayed making our connection in Buenos Aires next to impossible to catch, I thought for sure we would be stuck making a back-up plan. Our plane landed in Buenos Aires at the exact time our connecting flight was supposed to take off, we were whisked off the plane onto a bus that took us right to the stairs of our next plane, our boarding passes ripped by an attendant upon the bus as Binnson asked whether our bags were going to make it – ... read more
Nahuel Huapi

PATAGONIA: The birth of the crocodile man. Early flight out of Buenos Aires...great view of the "sweet ocean"...the 30 kms of fresh water from the Amazon between Argentina and views ever of the massive clusters of dwellings that is B.A...heading West to the Andes...just the two of us...our friends detained by the accident only hours before. Two hours later the plane wheels touch down in Bariloche...from dreams woken by pandemonium. Passengers bursting with raptuous applause...congratulating the pilot on a safe if it was unusual. Yes we say...we are happy too! Fancy remis to our digs...sure this is the address...but no green door...this is brown. Our lack of Spanish kicking in fast...feeling already like an Aussie version of Manuel in Fawlty Towers...keh. Somehow found Anna our host with her daughter Christina visiting from Germany..... read more

Friends and Family (those of you still reading), I know I have been home for five days, but I put off writing this final entry because it seemed to be the end to a wonderful trip. If I did not have such a good family, fine friends, and good job back here I am not sure I would have left Argentina. It is a big land, with a big heart and often a healthy laugh. I will miss it and hope to return. But a few final notes are in order. First, what is the deal with the dogs? They are everywhere, middle of the sidewalk sleeping in the sun on a busy downtown street; following us down a ten mile mountain trail; heck, one met us when we got of a bus in Bariloche and ... read more

South America » Argentina » Río Negro December 9th 2013

Friends and family, Well, I have returned home but John remains in Argentina, climbing glaciers and mountains. I thought I would finish up my blogging on this trip with two entries. First, this one about fishing. Since I did not have the ability to upload photos of fish, there has been some reasonable skepticism about how good the fishing really was. Well, here are some pictures and some notes about that! We started on the Rio Limay with our guide, Mauro. He has a beautiful custom made drift boat, see the first photo, and we hit the water in a howling wind....welcome to Argentina. Of course, John caught the first fish...a theme that will emerge throughout the trip. I had not had any action until we stopped for lunch, then, while Mauro was setting out lunch, ... read more
Fish in Three Continents
The Hut
brown secuence

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » Viedma December 8th 2013

Heute war wieder mal fruehes Aufstehen angesagt, 7.00 Fruehstueck und dann gleich los. Diesmal allerdings zu Fuss, denn John und ich gingen die Strandpromenade entlang bis wir bei ScubaDuba waren. Dort hatten wir einen Trip gebucht "Schwimmen mit Seeloewen". John taucht, fuer ihn war das Ganze nicht neu, aber ich war schwer beschaeftigt, einen wet suit anzuziehen, eine Haube, Handschuhe, Schuhe und Flossen an den Fuessen. Mit einem Boot wurden wir zu einer Kolonie gefahren, es waren sicher 200 Seeloewen da. Dann wurden wir ueber Bord geschmissen und es ging los. Ich stellte mich ziemlich doof an, weil die Flossen an den Fuessen mir so viel Auftrieb gaben, dass ich ganz verwirrt war, mich um mich gedreht habe und eine ganze Zeit brauchte, um mich einzugewoehnen. Als ich dann friedlich dahinschnorchelte kamen die Seeloewen massenhaft an, ... read more

South America » Argentina » Río Negro December 8th 2013

Saturday 7th December (Odyssey Day 29) Another latish start today. We departed at around 0900 for a scenic drive to our next stop in the Lake District. It really was a beautiful drive and we had many short stops for photos of the lakes and mountains and even a waterfall. And finally, we had the opportunity to open the windows whilst driving without freezing ourselves!! It was great, and long awaited. It is getting much warmer during the day now, though jackets are still required as it gets dark. It won’t be long at all until it is too hot! The lakeside camp we had meant to stay in was unfortunately no longer a campsite, so we had to go further for a camp away from the beach. It was bit disappointing after our teaser of ... read more
Lake District
Lake District
Lake District

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón December 7th 2013

Wednesday 4th December (Odyssey Day 26) This morning we drove out to Cueva de las Manos (Cave of hands), which was about a couple of hours away. Half of the drive was on a dust road and really steep slopes. When driving over that sort of dirt track, billows of dust come into the truck through gaps around the door and stairs. We have taken to blocking the gaps with scrap pieces of cardboard to keep it to a minimum, and wearing scarves to cover over our lower face. What we could see of the valley below us was beautiful though, with the Pinturas River winding through. The famous artwork is on the walls of the cliffs, under overhangs which shelter them from the elements and keep them in good condition. There are lots of coloured ... read more
Cueva de las Manos
Cueva de las Manos
Gauchito Gil Shrine

Friends and family, I am waiting for some photos from the fishing trip on Monday and Tuesday, so I thought I would fill you in on driving herein Argentina. I feel safe in doing that now that we have returned the rental car without incident. First the roads, most of them are gravel. The major highways are paved and most of the streets in the middle of town. However everything else is gravel, from the secondary roads that connect towns to the neighborhood streets. Additionally, most of the bridges, except on the major routes, are one lane and often wooden. The rule about how you cross such bridges is similar to intersections, see below. It being summer, this is road construction season. Unlike the states with long waits for construction traffic as one lane creeps past, ... read more

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