Day 79: Biking around Bariloche

Published: June 27th 2013
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We woke up today unfortunately not to a stunning day like yesterday but it wasnt raining and the sun was attempting to come through. I managed to negotiate with Ben that seeing as though I had to drive 10 hours yesterday, that he would get up at 9.15am and go and meet the guy dropping off our bikes and get an idea from him what route we should take, while I lay in and had a weeny bit of extra rest. He obliged like a good lil boy and I was thankful to not get up in the dark and be ready to go! He came back all excited about our bike ride today. I have to admit I did not share his excitement! I was knackered and the thought of biking up and around hills all day wasnt super appealing! But I knew we would see some beautiful things so grudgingly got up and got ready. Another quick and relatively unexciting breakfast and we were off. I was wearing so many clothes I could barely move, knowing we were about to freeze on our bikes! Ben lovingly gave me his warm gloves as mine are flimsy £3 ones, and very manly-ly wore no gloves, and we jumped on or bikes.

The first part was a little scary as there was no bike lane or path to ride on really except a sliver of gravel so we were on the road for most of it. I struggled and complained more than I prob should have up the windy roads with Ben saying “come on change your gears, stand up on your bike, we are almost at a downhill part!” So encouraging but I was not a happy camper at this point. Finally we got to the top where we had to turn off onto a gravel road, I regrouped and gave myself a lil pep talk and off we went again. The gravel road was not the most comfortable on the ol' butt but eventually we started seeing a lake and the sun was trying really hard to peep out through the clouds. My hands and feet were so unbelievably cold I wanted to ride slowly cos it was warmer! I dont know how ben was coping with no gloves! At one point the sun popped out and I made us stop and stand in the tiny stream of sun in hope of warming up! It helped a lil and off we went again! Taking a few pics along the way of me walking my bike up endless hills, and Ben happily riding his, some lake shots of Lake Morino, and me smashing my shin on the metal spiked pedal!

We thankfully made it to our lunch stop at Colonia Suiza (the old spanish village) about 2pm and ran into a very warm looking restaurant! It was so cozy and had an open fire in the corner. I literally almost sat in the fire attempting to thaw out! I tried to convince Ben to try the cheese fondue that every table seemed to be having but he wasnt that keen so we opted for schnitzel for me and a veal stew for Ben. Mine was yummy but Ben wasnt that happy with his. Then just as I was starting to cheer up with a full belly and the ability to feel my limbs again, I get a text from dad - “oh no nadal!” I thought crap he must not be playing well so quickly jumped on the tennis app and read in disbelief that he had LOST!!! In the first round! Oh I was so upset! Thankfully Hewitt was playing well so we were happy to hear that.

Back on our bikes we had about another 6km to go till we got back to the bike place where I was going to finish and insist that Ben rode around for another few hours actually at a speed other than my walking up a hill, and got to enjoy it a bit more. It was mainly all downhill which was fun except a few pretty steep hills! I have decided mountain biking is not my calling, and infact I dont think it is a good couples bonding activity for us either! The sun started coming out after lunch though and it was much less cold which was so lovely! We made it to the bike place and there was no one there! Which meant they couldnt call a taxi for me, and Ben couldnt continue on! 😞 I felt really bad cos I wanted him to go and have some fun without me but it wasnt meant to be. We were about 22km out of bariloche town and knew we couldnt walk back in but there was no taxis around. We walked past another bike place where there was a man out the front, so we managed to ask him if he could please call a cab for us. Which he did and 10mins later we were on our way back.

It had turned into a stunning evening and the sun was blazing so while Ben went and had a sauna, I went down to the lake and chilled out on the sand for a while sitting in the sun and gazing out onto this beautiful town. It really is simply gorgeous!!

We had booked a table at the number 1 restaurant on trip adviser for dinner – Alto el Fuego. And it was yummy. We asked for a half bottle of red and they gave and charged us for a full bottle which was a bit annoying but the filet mignon was fantastic, which was what Ben ordered. It came out on a wooden board with 3 pieces of filet mignon and my rib eye came out with 2 massive pieces. We each swapped some and shared it all. Sooo much meat! We really enjoyed the meal and wine but both agreed that dinner on our first night (which was number 3) was better!

After a long day we headed back, had spa baths for the last time at La Cascada 😞, and then rolled into bed so full of meat we could barely move!

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28th June 2013

Love the jump shot Ben! And love the writing in the sand! Must admit...I share your feeling about mountain bike riding Rach! X

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