Day 77: View from Cerro Otto

Published: June 27th 2013
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Today we had another long sleep in! Its crazy that the sun doesnt rise till 9.15am! We have been waking up close to 10! Its fantastic – ben doesnt feel the need to get up out of bed like a shot saying “come on rach up you get, its morning!” in a voice thats way too annoying and loud for whatever time of morning he usually does it! Once again we went down to breakie and it was average at best but filled ourselves up with what they had there.

It wasnt a very nice day today but def better than yesterday and at least it wasnt raining so we spent the morning planning what we would do for the following 2 days as it was meant to be sunny. We decided to hire a car tomorrow and hire bike sthe following day. So we got both of those booked and got a pretty good deal for a car - $80 a day which is really cheap here. Who knows what kind of a bomb we will be handed but we'll see! We decided we would venture out this arvo and head up Cerro Otto which is a mountain pretty close to our hotel. Closer than we realised actually, when we asked the front desk how we caught the bus there he said it was a 1km walk up the road then 4 blocks up the hill. Sweet! So we bundled up wearing almost everything I owned cos I was so so fricken cold yesterday! Unfortunately Ben somehow has misplaced his good superdry jacket, we think in Cusco, so thankfully he has a warm hoody and thermals to wear underneath. We burned it up the road pretty fast as it was so cold and managed to find the mountain. Not that difficult when it is 1405m high! We decided we were going to get gondolas up along with the rest of the tourists in Bariloche that day! It was pretty expensive - $25 each, return but we thought meh! And up we went. It was pretty cool and despite the scratched graffiti all over the windows we pushed through and saw a beautiful view the whole way up. The mountain was covered in christmas trees scattered with snow! It was very pretty!

By the time we got up it was about 2pm and I was hungry – naturally. We had heard that there was a revolving restaurant at the top, and there was! We walked in the direction of and saw a line, a massive line that extended out the restaurant, down the stairs and into the hallway from the entrance! Oh great! Thankfully it was a relatively fast moving queue and we only had to wait 25 mins! We were about 8 people from the front behind a lot of big families and the guy yelled our quatre? (four?), I quickly yelled back dos? (two?) and he said si si (yes, yes) and let us through! Bonus! We got seated by the window and had a gorgeous view of the lake and mountains! And we confirmed that yes it is revolving even though you cant tell form the outside. Actually going at quite a speed I thought! Faster than centrepoint of the sky tower. We had the fastest ever, most efficient waiter! He was fantastic! I told him he was rapido! And he said yes very fast with a big grin! There were so many tables and so many people but only a few of these ridiculously fast moving specimans flying around with food and drinks! We both ordered breaded veal snadwiches and they came out absolutely gianormous! We could have easily shared one and been full! We looked out the window and saw a lady trying to assemble a parachute on the mountain and we were like what is she doing?! Silly woman, thinking shes a professional or something bringing a parachute up in her backpack! We do another revolution and next thing we see she and her partner are soaring through the air up pretty close to the windows in the restaurant, over the mntains and lake and it looked so much fun! Ben however did not share my opinion that we should do it one day!

After lunch and entertainment watching parachuters we headed outside into the blistering cold weather and took a few snaps being careful not to slip on the icy, snowy ground in our very non equipped walking shoes! We threw a few snowballs, wathed ppl getting pics with a snowdog, gazed at the lake and marvelled at how beautiful bariloche is and just how much more beautiful it would be if we didnt think our faces were about to freeze into the one position! We were walking down the hall after coming inside again and got a wave of extreme heating, looked down the side hall and saw a giant real size replica of the statue of David (the one that we missed out on seeing in Florence!). He was large! So we got a pic, partly cos we thought we should and partly cos it was so toasty warm in there and we needed to de-thaw! We then made out way out and down the gondola again and headed down to wait for the bus into town. We had to wait about 20min for it so I tried to keep warm by teaching ben some gym moved on a step pretending it was a beam! The 4 year old kids waiting for the bus were much better behaved than us and I am sure their parents were looking at us thinking the same thing! The bus eventually came and we went into town to get some more money out (bariloche is expensive!!) Ben naturally felt like an icecream and Bariloche is full of choclate and icecream places so he was in luck! We went back to Rapa Nui again and he got his fix! Then we jumped in a cab and paid once again bloody heaps for a 5 min taxi back to the hotel! When we arrived my first stop was our room, then the bathroom to run myself a hot bath to de-thaw and Ben decided to walk down to the fornt of our hotel and see the lake! It was super cloudy so the pics werent that clear but still nice and on his way back he discovered a sauna! SO he arrived back very excited and got his togs and headed straight back there.

Our hotel man had suggested that he book us a table at the 'best steak restaurant in town' so we thought sure why not even though last night was pretty damn good! He had booked us in for 7pm so we got changed and then walked 1km up the road to La Porcina (I think it may have been called?). Thank goodness we booked! There was about 100 tables and not a single person in the restaurant! Haha 😊 We got a welcome drink which was nice and then really really struggled with the all spanish menu! Turns out our spanish is def not as fluent as we had thought esp when it comes to diff types of beef (bife!). We chose one which our translator app said was filet mignon and it was pretty nice! But not quite as flavoury as before. We got a nice glass of red also and enjoyed our hour there and left feeling very full but still sticking by the fact that last night was the best steak so far in Bariloche! We had a skype date with the Stewart family including hannah and Nick when we got home which was really good as we havent managed to actually skype and see them for ages!! It is meant to be a nice day tomorrow and we are super excited about hiring a car and driving round!

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Snowball fight!!!Snowball fight!!!
Snowball fight!!!

except Rach wasn't really interested in playing

27th June 2013

Ben you have become very skilled at they self taken photos... I usually get most of my arm and only bits of our faces!

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