Saturday Night in Bariloche

Published: March 14th 2013
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Quiet day today, as the weather has set in and the legs are sore. No-one is in the mood to do much during the day. The five of us grab some lunch at morfies and then make our way back to the hostel to chill out before heading out for the night.

By now we have gotten over the jetlag, and are used to eating dinner after 9pm, usually around 10pm, which is the time we venture out tonight to De Alberto's, a famous steak house in Bariloche. Once again the steaks are amazing, as we share 3 massive cuts of meat between the five of us, along with some ensalada and papas fritas (salad and chips). Plus a great bottle of malbec.

Dinner is finished after midnight, from where we head off to a the Olaf Bar to catch some live music and drink some artisenal beers. The band is fantastic, a fusion between spanish acoustic and rock. The lead guitarist looked like he was trying to emulate Ozzy Osbourne from the early Black Sabbath days. With long hair that he constantly flicked back, leather pants, a shirt only buttoned at the bottom and tats everywhere. However, fark could he play the guitar. Amazingly good, hit every note perfectly and played some really complex tunes. The rest of the band consisted of a spanish acoustic guitar, bass and drums, and all were really good musos.

The beers were locally brewed, and i stuck to Bock, which is darker and more bitter then an amber ale, but not as thick and creamy as a stout. Once the band finished (around 2am), the lads wanted to try out the local nightclub, Dusk. When we got there the place was fairly empty and we were not sure, but they had free beers with entry so we ventured in. The tunes were doof doof, so it encouraged us to drink more to put up with them. By 3am the locals started to rock up, they party late here in Argentina. By now the place was full of a mix of people ranging from teenagers to over 60's, a lot of them dancing together. We befriended a bouncer, Isaac, who proceded to tell Jo that she could make doble dol leche every morning...

By 5am, Emiliano, Bruno, Jo and I were drunk and ready to go home. Mike was fueled up on Fernet (a local liquor that is very bitter and drunk with coke) and wanted to try his luck with the ladies. We found out the next day that he was so drunk that he forgot how to speak spanish, even though he is fluent, and therefore blew his chances, even his french accent did not work.

It was a cold, long stumble home, but a fantastic night. We have made some really good friends


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