Argentina's Chocolate City - San Carlos de Bariloche

Published: October 6th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

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After a lonesome week in southern Patagonia, witnessed the desolated, deserted cold town in the far South and the only movable glacier in the world, however, the northern part of Patagonia seems polluted, commercial, busy, crowded, but warmer part of Argentina - San Carlos de Bariloche, usually known as Bariloche, the famous spots in Central Argentina, bordering with Chilean Patagonia, and its surrounding is also one of the most spectacular regions in Argentina.

To be honest, getting to Bariloche is never cheap, especially when we flying from the south. First of all we had to fly back north to Buenos Aires and change another plane down to south again, it's wasting time and money but as Argentina is very long and narrow, getting anywhere within the country is always involves airplanes, and always up and down for at least 3 hours.

Bariloche was exactly what I had been expecting - The large Lagos Nahuel Huapi on its shores that reminds me something similar to Austria and has very much in European feels, due to the large European (Mainly German and Swiss) immigrants, and the feels not only its scenery but its German construction, Swiss chalens and shops. Every corner of the city, you can find chocolate shops, nice restaurants, the Bariloche's well known "Mamuschka", Russian Chocolate shop, catering to to anyone from young to old, just simply a tourist friendly city.

The following morning was Saturday and, we brought our map and all the information we've got earlier, and wanted to get a car rental in town, unfortunately either all the shops were closed or they didn't have car available, so we were only able to catch a bus and we hopped on one huge tourist coach to one little town North of Bariloche - Villa La Angostura, buried high up in the Andes Mountains, and next to it is the Patagonia's famous Nahuel Huapi National Park where houses few famous and crystal clear lakes. The bus ride from Bariloche was stunning arcoss the famous Siete Lagos - Seven Lakes, and this is why people come to Bariloche for.

When we arrived Villa La Angostura, we went straight to the nearby information centre and asked for a map and to find out where the lake is, it's about 20min walk from the pretty town, and as we walk follow the path and walk down to where the lake is, the whole picture replaced by the stunning blue, clear, cool glacial lakes. The scenery, the lakes, the alpines, the snow capped mountains, was absolutely spectacular, and rivalled some of the best pictures from Western Canada or Southern New Zealand. The lake was so quiet and still that acted as a clear mirror to reflect the surrounding snow capped mountains in. It was still early spring and the weather was supposed to be quite cold, the layer of the snow on the mountains can tell but luckily, that day was the warmest day during our trip in Patagonia and I saw number of people were swimming in the lake.

All in all, I enjoyed my time and had a really good time in Bariloche, despite poor first impression after getting off the plane and its crowded and polluted downtown, and the fact I was expecting Bariloche was Swiss kind Patagonia but as I found out, one does not travel to Bariloche for the the downtown, but people come here for the surrounding lakes and mountains.

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