Passing time in Bariloche

Published: January 4th 2008
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Killer Lookout
Hey ALL...well I think I left you last time with a change in plans. Instead of going north to Salta I came south to Bariloche.

I have been here for 9 days now and although it has been fun I am ready to leave.

But for the good stuff...

I arrived in Bariloche on the 20th of December and found the hostel of Graciela, the woman I met in Macchu Pichu 4 months ago. Before arriving I was not told that it was an Israeli hostel and that means it is full of Israelis. They travel in herds. So I was not sure how the next week would go because I knew it would get overwhelming. Luckily, it has not been too bad. Most of them are very outgoing and fun. Maybe a little inconsiderate at times with shaving their entire bodies in the common bathrooms and not cleaning it up or smoking while I am cooking and eating. Mostly we have all had a great time though and they all tend to speak English.

Anyway, since I have plans to return here I have tried not to do all that there is to do here. And
First stop on 7 Lakes TourFirst stop on 7 Lakes TourFirst stop on 7 Lakes Tour

The Photos in this spot did not come out as good as I hoped, but use your imagination. This place rocked
there is a lot because its a touristy place.

With a couple of Canadians I rented a car for a day and we did a thing called the 7 Lakes Tour, but we only toured 3 or 4 max. It was the short tour, but we saw plenty of great views of lakes, mountains, and the clearest fresh water I have ever seen. Best part was that it was hot out, so the water was calling my name for a swim. Only problem was that it was glacier run off and freezing cold. It was still fun anyway. It was also the time of year (late spring) for wildflowers. They were everywhere all day long and we could not get enough photos.

My other outing was to a view point up a mountainside. It has to be one of the prettiest places I have seen in my life. A very large 360 degree view of bliss. Lakes, mountains, and large mountain vacation homes. I was a little upset that the weather was not great so the photos did not come out spectacular, but when I return to Bariloche I will be sure to head up there again.

Otherwise, I spent the time eating lots of steaks, drinking cheap wine, laying by the lake reading and going out to an Irish pub overrun by Israelis. It was great. I am looking forward to going back.

This is a short entry, but I did not do too much....enjoy the pictures!

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I took a swim in this lake

16th January 2008

Great photos
I think your photos turned out great, and if it's true they aren't as good as in real life (when are they really though), I can't wait to visit Argentina. I've enjoyed kind of browsing through your blogs. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

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