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May 25th 2012
Published: May 31st 2012
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Cafayate is one of the best wine area´s in Argentina.....we obviously sampled quite a few wines whilst we were there, especially the Malbec and Torrentes - yum! We decided in our wisdom to do a wine tasting bike ride to some of the wineries and waterfall, however all of the wineries were closed which dampened the mood somewhat. Not only that, but it was only two days after horse-riding so needless to say bums were still extremely sore. Tasha´s rant after going uphill for what seemed like forever was priceless... ´That´s it, i´m not f*%king doing it anymore´ She then proceeded to get off her bike and walk. Tracy had to do the same as she was laughing so hard that she nearly fell off her bike! We then sat down to have a little break to settle Tasha down, got out some snacks and whilst mid chomp, smelt something horrible, only to look behind us and spot a half rotten / eaten body of a sheep or a dog (we couldn´t tell) nice! We eventually got to the end of the road and left our bikes to walk to the waterfall which we were told was an hours walk... The walk was along a rocky dryish river bed, Tracy had flip flops on and feared for her life most of the time. After walking for over an hour and not seeing the waterfall in sight, we decided it was probably quite sensible to head back as it was after 4pm and we didn´t think it was a good idea to make our way back in the dark! So after all of that we didn´t even see the god damn waterfall. Oh we did see the biggest cactus ever though, which sort of made up for not seeing the waterfall.

Buenos Aires!!!

After our adventures in Cafayate, we headed to BA in style, calling into Tucuman on the way.....First class baby! Well on the bus. The seats transformed in to completely flat beds and were got our evening meal and wine! Result. The only downside was that the bus trip was about 18 hours long, however by the end Tasha didn´t want to get off! We settled into our hostel - Millhouse Avenue which was fantastic and just as we were unpacking the two Irish boys who we had hung out with in San Pedro walked into the dorm... That meant more drinking, card games and general carnage! We didn´t actually get to see any of BA until the afternoon of the second day as we spent most of the time drinking dodgy vodka, playing cards or hung over. However when we did walk around the city we were not disappointed, the shear scale of it is really impressive. We saw a huge murial of Eva Peron (Evita), actually there was stuff about her everywhere, we even saw her family grave in a cemetary which was like a town of mausoleum´s - weird! Some of them were as big as small houses and it really was like walking in a village with houses for dead people. Next stop was the big flower in United Nations Plaza which is a massive mechanical flower which opens and closes everyday. We also visited lots of markets and went for dinner in what is apparently ´the best steakhouse in BA´- La Cabrera, in Palmero (the cool trendy district of BA) the steak was amazing, we had Kobe beef and we didn´t even talk, just ate....YUM It is normally extremely expensive but the have a happy hour between 7 and 8, we had to
A massive, extremely ancient tree..A massive, extremely ancient tree..A massive, extremely ancient tree..

Branches extend out over 30 metres.
queue from 6.30 but it was worth it as we got 40% discount off the whole bill and melt in your mouth steak! A must do if ever in BA!

We had a lovely time trundling around the city, Tash kept singing songs from Evita and was stared at most of the time by everyone we passed.It wouldn´t have been too bad but she only knew about two lines of each song, don´t cry for me Argentina and Whats new Buenos Aires!

Next stop - Iguassu falls, one of the new natural wonders of the world! Can´t wait!

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