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South America » Argentina » Neuquén » Villa La Angostura February 5th 2019

After breakfast we check out of La Posta del Cazador, which is a relief as it’s dark and stuffy and full of dead things (the door handles and light fittings are made of antlers). The bed was so uncomfortable I spent half the night contemplating sleeping in the car. This morning we are returning down the route of 7 lakes to Villa la Angostura. First, a visit to La Pastera Museo del Che. It’s a tenuous link; Che Guevara spent 2 nights in this barn in 1952. But it’s an interesting little museum. We drive south stopping at various viewpoints over lakes and waterfalls along the way, reaching quaint little La Angostura around lunchtime. We check into our hotel; Marinas Alto Manzano. It’s beautiful. We have a huge room overlooking the lake and the bathroom has ... read more
La Pastera Museo del Che
La Pastera Museo del Che
Cascada Vulinanco

I planned to visit Chachin waterfall in Lanin National Park today. It’s only 27 miles away but 25 are off road. The old man is unenthusiastic but we set off anyway. It’s supposed to take 80 minutes but our little car struggles so much that we take twice as long. Mo Farah could have run it faster. The old man picks up some hitchhikers en route. They don’t speak English and we quickly exhaust my Spanish so we pootle along, very slowly, in silence. At the end is the Chilean border crossing and a ranger station. They tell us the trail to the waterfall is closed due to fallen trees, but suggest we head there anyway, in case it reopens. So we drive even more off road, over a bridge that reminds me of a Top ... read more
Rio Hua Hum
Lago Lacar
Argentinian-Chilean border Hua Hum

When I get up the old man has disappeared. I wait 40 minutes assuming he can’t have gone far, then find him in the restaurant on his fourth plate of breakfast. A buffet is like playing Russian roulette when you have an allergy. Someone has double dipped in the condiments and there are brown blobs in the cream cheese. After some muttering and an extensive mining operation, I am fairly confident my breakfast isn’t going to kill me. Today we are driving 120 miles north to San Martín de los Andes along the Camino de los 7 Lagos; a road which passes 7 lakes. Each lake has a viewpoint and tourist information. So we wind our way along through the forest stopping to take pictures at each one; Espejo, Corrientoso, Escondido, Villarino, Falkner, Maconico. They’re all ... read more
Camino de los 7 Lagos
Camino de los 7 Lagos
Camino de los 7 Lagos

South America » Argentina » Neuquén » Villa La Angostura January 31st 2018

Our last full day in New Zealand was spent on Waiheke Island, a forty minute ferry ride from Auckland. Waiheke is home to various wineries and craft breweries. We had been recommended Mudbrick for lunch by James Forrester and Harvey Harrison. We were not disappointed. Even I managed the half hour upward stroll to the venue, which afforded great views back to Auckland, The wine and food were excellent. We flew out of Auckland the following day and headed to Chile. Ian & Serena Hodgson were on the same flight having come from Sydney. Of course when you cross the date line you are confronted by strange time things. Firstly we arrived in Santiago five hrs before we left Auckland (10.5 hr flight). Secondly we went from 13 hrs in front of UK to 3 hrs ... read more
Waiting for more oysters
Off we go again
La Casons Matetic

South America » Argentina » Neuquén January 30th 2015

After a few days of Border crossings and long drives through the mountains we arrived at our destination Villa Pehuenia on Lago Alumine...... Stunning!!! We met the Super 6 from Austria and had a fantastic 3 days of swimming, hiking and just chillin. This gem of a place was magical. The advantage of RVing in Argentina/Chile is the freedom to point anywhere on a map and go there. We would never have come here if we didn't have a means as it's so far off the beaten track and tons of Ripio (gravel roads). Check out this video on YouTube: read more

EXTREMELY long wait at the Border and even longer day of driving.... Well, I was wondering when this day would come....Jan.29th, we are all needing some space:) Our living in a very very small space 24/7 has hit everyone hard today....after 35 days not bad:):) We arrived late afternoon in San Martin de Los Andes in the Lake District of Argentina. We headed straight for the beach and went for a swim and then Helados (ice cream).....the cure to all! San Martin de Los Andes is a beautiful town surrounded by mountains. We had dinner and explored the town. As it was extremely busy we woke and got outta dodge:):)... read more
It's amazing what a good swim will do!

We crossed into Argentina at Chile Chico, a weird little gold mining town at the end of the precarious road around the southern shore of Lago Carerra. I would bore you with yet more pictures of the lake, as it was quite amazing, but to be honest, I was too preoccupied with keeping our car on the road to take many..... it was, thankfully, clear weather, but with a 40+ knot wind it was a continual battle with the wheel..... along the way we could look back over the northern ice fields...... have I mentioned my interest in ice? Eyes on the road...... After the crossing you could not have found a greater contrast in scenery. The snowy mountains had been replaced by the Pilbara...... where's the lakes, rivers, ice and snow, lush greenery, forrests etc..... ... read more
The Pampa dry and flat
Los Alerces National Park

South America » Argentina » Neuquén » Junín de los Andes November 2nd 2014

Snow stops progress on the Expedition We are well under way with our Patagonia Expedition, with the bikes arriving on time along with the riders on Monday. We had the bikes cleared by Tuesday afternoon and we were on the road by Wednesday on the long drag down the Pan Pacific Highway to Talca. We were headed off from Talca in Chile, with our destination, Malague in Argentina, via Maule o Pehuenche but after 160 kms we were forced to turn back because of a massive snow dump during the night, it was going to take a couple of days to clear it. Back tracking to Talca, we decided to head further south in Chile to Victoria, sleep over there and go through Paso Pino Hachardo and directly to Zapalla. So after and eight hour day ... read more
Fresh fuel for the motos
David and Rippa sorting out stuff
Paul and Jack

sonntags in argentinien… ist wieder mal ein bisschen, wie sonntags bei uns am land: mit rumtata-blasmusik-marschkapelle und buntem volkstanz! das sonntägliche hauptplatz spektakel wird von klein und groß der bevölkerung san martin's und zwei blonden touristen bestaunt - anschließend gibt es kuchen und kaffee ;-) . unsere letzten argentinischen pesos werden in tupperware und reiseproviant investiert… wir organisieren uns zunehmend besser und haben jetzt sogar schon gekochtes mittagessen mit auf den busreisen und unseren eigenen hostel-food-behälter! knuspriger reis mit ei und shrimps (reis!!! juhuuu!) wird getuppert mit zum bus richtung chile genommen. sobald wir die chilenische grenze erreichen wird es kalt, neblig und nass-nass-nass! was ist nur mit chile los? welche wettergötter wurden hier verärgert?! am frühen abend kommen wir in pucon, chile an und müssen leider erfah... read more
argeninian male dancer

heute ist ein besonderer tag: ich kann früh morgens mit meiner geliebten schwester skypen!!! leider macht dieser kontakt nach hause ein wenig wehmütig… zum ersten mal wäre ich gerne ein wenig zu hause ;-( . bei erneut wunderbarem wetter und im mietauto auf der ruta de los siete lagos (tour durch die sieben seen) verfliegt der “kummer” rascher. ausnahmsweise dürfen wir ein ziemlich neues auto (sogar einen fiat!) fahren und ich als conductor kurve markus zu den aussichtspunkten der zahlreichen (mehr als sieben) seen. zwischen den teils beachtlichen bergen erstrecken sich in unübersehbaren buchten die glitzernden seen. die oberflächen, glatt wie spiegel, doppeln die bergaussicht und geben den blick bis zum grund frei. von san martin de los andes bis nach villa la angostura, über teils gefährlich schlaglöchrige straßen der berühmten ruta 40, kurven wir zum ... read more
kuh speed
y montañas

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