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February 4th 2010
Published: February 11th 2010
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And would you believe it, we found one! Luckily it was in a museum, and someone gave us directions.

We came here as we were curious about the dinosaur bones and footprints, but also partly as it's on the way to Puerto Madryn where we're told you can swim with sea lions!

Neuquén was a nice enough city, but a little bit quiet after the others we'd been to. It did have a river with a little man made beach overlooking a forest and hills (sorry, no pictures). The water was very clean and even though it was close to freezing I was brave enough to have a bit of a swim. After this we had a craving for mexican food, so we asked someone and got directed to a place called Bambu. Turned out it was an all you can eat chinese buffet, so something went seriously wrong in the translation! We still ate though. Sarah had 4 puddings and I had 4 different main meals. We felt sick.

For a day out we rented a car, and headed out for our first bit of Argy driving. They're a bunch of loons out here on the roads in the cities, so we headed out of town to a little place called Chuchon (i think) where they had found a complete Gigantosaur skeleton which was pretty amazing. We wanted to see some big footprints in a nearby valley, but they were flooded from the rain so no luck there. We did get to drive along a massive dam though which made up for it. The main excitement of the day was driving though the sandstorms on the way though, pretty scary stuff. It was really windy, but luckily the bad visibility didn't last too long - just little patches - so we survived to live another day.

Off to Patagonia next, Argentina's barren south.

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12th February 2010

Funny bones
Be careful! I've seen Jurassic Park, those bones may not be as harmless as they look. Did you get to Puerto Madryn and swim with sea lions? I see your eating habits haven't changed since you've been away. I thought you were planning to come back a stone lighter Greg. Hope you're enjoying patagonia. love mum and dadxxx

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