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South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú October 8th 2007

Argentina is so yaaaay!!! We love it!... read more
Three Frontiers

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú October 2nd 2007

Buenos Aires, Uruguay and Iguazú - 15 September to 30 September 2007 After a night on the plane and a short stopover in Santiago, Chile, we arrived in Buenos Aires ready for anything. We were bemused by the blasé attitude of Argetine customs who waved us through as if they were surprised and even mildly irritated to see us, even though they'd made us fill out all the forms! We then avoided all the calls of 'taxi? taxi!' and ran for the bus to our hostel in the San Telmo area, so our long trip down to South America started with a plane, then a bus, then a van, leaving us to walk the last few blocks with our packs on our backs. Buenos Aires is basically a big city with lots of people, cars, tall ... read more
Street leading up to the Obelisco in Buenos Aires
Cobblestone street in Colonia

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú September 29th 2007

Many years ago, my friend Judith introduced me to the concept of "The Ultimate (insert destination name here) Experience." It's that moment, usually serendipitous, that defines the essence of a trip. Last night, I had my ultimate Argentina experience. I was walking home from dinner around 11pm in this "frontier town" of Puerto Iguazu, which, since the currency crisis a few years ago, has been built entirely upon tourism to the incredible waterfalls on the border of Argentina and Brazil. While many of the tourists are American and European, many more are from Argentina or other Latin American countries. I had enjoyed a meal of local fish at a tourist restaurant and, on the way back to the Secret Garden Bed & Breakfast, heard music: a singer, guitar and bandoleon, the accordion used in folklorico music. ... read more
Garganta del Diablo
Self-Portrait, Iguazu Falls
The Valley

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú September 23rd 2007

So, the 20 hour journey was fairly miserable! It was our first overnighter, which wasn´t so bad in itself, but on this route, we didn´t have the option of the fancier busses that are available, and we weren´t even supplied with a pillow or blanket, never mind the glass of champagne on boarding or dinner with red wine that we´ve heard other people talk about. The last 5 hours or so were fascinating, however, as we travelled through the sub-tropical region of Misiones, with increasingly jungle-like landscape, like nothing else we´ve seen in S America so far. The rain we had in Uruguay was nothing compared to the thunderstorms that arrived that morning, but the people in the little villages we passed through were still in shorts, so we could only imagine how hot and humid ... read more
Neil getting wet
Amanda getting really wet
Iguazu Wildlife

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú September 14th 2007

Had a very short drive this morning over the Brazil-Argentina border and luckily my fears about the rubber glove treatment were unfounded and we passed through without incident. Straight from crossing the border, we went to the Argentinian side of Iguaçu Falls, but not before being royally ripped off by the National Park who insisted we had to go round with a guide, even though no one else in the park seemed to have to. The falls themselves were even more spectacular than from the Brazilian side since it was possible to walk along the very top of the falls rather than along the bottom from where you could see just how many gallons of water were pouring over the edge each second (a lot). After, we headed to the snack bar were I bought probably ... read more
Argie Falls 2
Argie Falls 3
Argie Falls 3

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú September 7th 2007

Nous voilà de retour en Argentine après un bref séjour en Uruguay. Après avoir parcouru un 12 heures en autobus de nuit, nous sommes arrivés en matinée à Puerto Iguazu, petite ville touristique située à quelques kilomètres du parc et de ses chutes. Cette ville est au nord-est de l'Argentine, à la frontière du Brésil et du Paraguay. Nous entrons également dans un climat sub-tropical puisque nous sommes à l'entrée de la jungle, ce qui signifie enfin de la chaleur!! et beaucoup d'humidité. Après avoir un peu tergiversé sur la suite de notre itinéraire le matin même, nous décidons d'aller voir les chutes durant la journée et reprendre le bus le soir. Nous prenons un bus pour se rendre au parc vers 10h30, il fait déjà super chaud. Au parc, on nous remet une carte super ... read more
Ben, les Argentines, et leur fameux thé!
Oiseau non identifié
L'un des ponts vers la gorge du diable

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú July 12th 2007

We spent our final 2 weeks in Argentina puddling around doing very little - for the most part. On the advice of fellow travellers, we opted for a quick detour up to Iguazu Falls. This was no small journey at 3000km return. However, on the overnight buses it was not too taxing. The falls were pretty amazing. However, the day we were there, a huge thunderstorm was raging overhead and we had to make mad dashes across the metal walkways while lightning flashed (all the while holding an umbrella with a metal pole). Strangely, the lightning didn´t seem to bother anyone else. The rain was torrential and we got absolutely soaked. The storm continued into the night and were flashes of lightning every 2 seconds. Some strikes came down right in town. Scary stuff! We had ... read more
The falls
Ben on the Dam
Other side of the dam

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú June 17th 2007

16 hours on the bus (from Buenos Aires) and the weather was so much different here:-) We saw Iguazu falls from Argentinian and Brazilian sides. They are very different but both incredibly beautiful. After a great week of travelling together, Karolina and I had to say Goodbye to our great travelling companion Nowina. She's heading to Bolivia..... (Nowinka - wypijemy kilka caipirinhias za Twoja podroz! mam nadzieje ze sie niedlugo spotkamy) ... read more
Iguazu falls
Garganta del Diablo
Iguazu Falls

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú June 7th 2007

With our coach connection delayed because the bus had broken down, we had a most fun time waiting in the bus station at 8 in the morning waiting for our replacement bus, which took a further 3 hours making our 20 hour coach journey even longer!!! We finally arrive at our hostel in Puerto Iguazu and are delighted that its warm and to make matters even better we are greeted by a rather large, rather inviting swimming pool - told you we were living the dream over here!!! Well after a couple of days adjusting to the sun, getting acquainted with the pool and making friends with the locals we muster up all our strength to get up early and visit Iguazu Falls!!! We visit the Argentinian side fist (which was probably a mistake!) and they ... read more

Und da bin ich wieder! Um das wichtigste loszuwerden. Matt hat mir einen Antrag gemacht und ich natuerlich ja gesagt! Wir sind von Rosario nach Puerto Igazu wieder mit einem Nachtbus gereist und sind nachmittags angekommen. Da wir leider keinen transfer zu den Wasserfaellen bekommen habe, entschieden wir einfach uns mit einem leckeren Blodem an den Pool zu setzen und zu relaxen. Wir haben uns auf der Liege zusammengekuschelt und als wir ueber uns geredet haben, hat er mich einfach gefragt. Die Umgebung war vielleicht nicht die beste, aber ich fands super romantisch, weil er eigentlich bis zum Sommer warten und so richtig mit Ring eine Antrag machen wollte, aber es dachte, dass der Moment einfach perfekt war. Ich werde naechstes Jahr heiraten!!!!! Rosario war ganz cool. Sehr gruen und viele junge Leute. Es war ... read more
Igazu Wasserfaelle
Nach einem Boat trip

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