Iguazu Falls from both sides

Published: June 21st 2013
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Iguazu Falls - Brazillian sideIguazu Falls - Brazillian sideIguazu Falls - Brazillian side

Looking towards the Devil's Throat
The Iguazu Falls are a series of waterfalls spanning 1.7 miles on the Iguazu river, which forms the border between Argentina and Brazil in this region. I opted to stay in Puerto Iguazu, on the Argentinian side and arrived in the evening, having done no research on how to get to the falls, how much time was required, etc. Fortunately, I met Adi from Israel, who planned to visit both sides of the falls over the next two days and had done all the preparation, so I basically tagged along.

We visited the Brazillian side on the first day, starting with the close approach to the Devil's Throat, the most powerful of the falls. We then followed the path running alongside the river, which offered incredible panoramas of the Argentinian side, where 80% of the falls are located. It took about two hours to take it all in, after which we decided to explore some of the other paths in the park. However, after walking along the road for at least half and hour trying find a path that the map suggested was much closer, we gave up and took the bus back to the main entrance. With plenty of
Iguazu Falls - Brazillian sideIguazu Falls - Brazillian sideIguazu Falls - Brazillian side

With San Martin Island on the left
time before the return bus ride to Puerto Iguazu, we visited Parc das Aves, an ornithological zoo just across the road. This had many tropical birds, including disproportionately large beaked toucans, which had become tame enough to touch.

On the second day, we were joined by Evan from New York, who decided against visiting the Brazillian side due to the visa charges levied on US citizens there. Again, the weather was perfect (sunny but not too hot). The Argentinian side of the Falls was much larger and it took a good 8 hours to do it justice. We started at the Devil's Throat again, this time from a higher vantage point, where everyone was trying to avoid getting their camera wet while waiting for a gap in the mist to take a photo. Next, we took the boat to San Martin Island. After walking around the island's path and taking in more views of the Falls, we relaxed on the island's beach for a while, before walking the lower and upper paths, which followed the full length of the Falls.

Entry to both sides of the Falls was similarly priced (around £15) and so it would be easy to say the Argentinian side represented better value for money. However, I felt it was well worth visiting both sides (the Brazillian side offered panoramic views not possible from Argentina) to get the complete experience of one of the world's natural wonders.

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21st June 2013

Some great pics of the falls :)
21st June 2013

Muchas gracias!
21st June 2013
Iguazu Falls - Argentinian side

Best set of pics yet Greame, hope you've got em backed up in the clouds Take care Neil
27th June 2013

Hope you're keeping out of trouble!
Hi Graeme Always good to read your blog, especially when its somewhere Alice has been. Heard abpout various bother in Brazil so hope this isn't affecting your travels. Hope things going well for you Love Kate and Keithxx
2nd July 2013

Thank you. Yes, I heard about the trouble, but I've been out of Brazil for a few weeks now. I've been enjoying myself to keep up with the blog!

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