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February 1st 2008
Published: February 7th 2008
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This will be a quick story, because i think the pictures tell it all! I went up to Puerto Iguazu from BA for a few days to see the world famous, soooo amazing, Iguazu Falls! I stayed at a super fun hostel that had a lot of fun people, a pool, and a foos table! Nice! They even had a barbeque and a brazilian feather lady dance party one night! Awesome!

I went to the falls with my roommate John from Canada and we spent and ENTIRE DAY walking around this national park taking pictures and getting soaking wet! WE started with a short walk down to the upper falls viewing area and everything we saw were we like, woooowowowo this is unbelievable! Next we took a miniature train to the Devils Throat. Its about a 20 minute walk to the overlook and when you get are STUNNED. THe noise, the water misting, the VOLUMES of water, the heights....its just amazing!! You cannot take enough pictures! (Except you start to get worried about your camera getting so wet after a while!) As we turned around to go hike back to the lower viewing area, we spotted THE CLOUD. Wow. It looked so ominous! And it was! WIthin about 10 minutes it started to absolutely DOWNPOUR (like the rain in Turkey bonnie!) except there was no cover, just us walking over this gigantic river, hoping our cameras survive at the bottom of the backpack! We were absolutely DRENCHED from head to toe, so thought this was the perfect time to go on the boatride that takes you under the waterfalls! The rain stopped as quickly as it started (after about an hour) and we went down to the boatrides! OH WHAT FUN! We were in a jet boat that zoomed around near the base of the waterfalls then said, "put your cameras away!" and we drove right into the bottom of one of them! Everyone on the boat, from 18yo to 85 yo was laughing their HEADS off as we got absolutely PUMMELED by the water falling! It was soooooooo fun! Then they back it up, and run you in again! And again! We were soaked from head to toe, but it was the best $15 I´ve ever spent! Just awesome!!!

The next day I had an extra day at the hostel to just chill by the pool and finish Gone with the WInd! What is up with that ending? How can that be the greatest love story ever told, when it ends with no one in love?!? WHAT!?! Great book nonetheless... Also, as usual, met some very fun people from Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, and even one super fun, interesting, well traveled and well read person from the STates! FInally! 😉 Oh, also, my new friend from Denmark has been traveling for 6 years! SHes 26 and hasnt been home for more than 3 weeks in the last 6 years!!! I thought I was crazy!?!

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<Panarama of the devils thorat!  AAAAHHHH!<Panarama of the devils thorat!  AAAAHHHH!
the devils throatthe devils throat
the devils throat

now THAT would be a wild ride down in a barrel! And check out that storm cloud again!

8th February 2008

Stephanie, Just the mental picture of all those people laughing their heads off while going THROUGH! the water falls had me laughing my head off. Thanks for that. Keep those great stories coming. :) Jen Hnatuk. ( your mama's friend)
9th February 2008

Just wondering...
Did you get your hair cut Steph?
20th February 2008

awesome waterfall!
the waterfalls was crazy! nothing compare to the ones i saw in hawaii. i hated the ending to the Gone with the Wind story too! I'm still waiting for someone to change it or add to it. Seems like you are having a great soaking time! Glad your safe and haveing fun!

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