Tour of Puerto Igauzu and Garganta del Diablo

Published: March 4th 2017
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We took a short walk through the park this morning. Saw the abundant coati. Cute, but can be dangerous. I have warned Pedro not to open any snacks on the trails. Aunt Judy I'm sure can recall having one sit on her lap when she sat on a bench years ago. Uncle Lloyd....I have not yet seen enough waterfalls. We are eating empanadas and I have not found any peanuts in the can. Poor Lloydy. We took a taxi to town today. There was a short delay by some protesters. We had quite the adventure at the bank. There was a lobby with chairs of at least 75 people waiting orderly in chairs. We asked how long to see a teller and they said it was usually an hour and a half. We had to wait in the ATM line with about 15 others. The ATM wait was not as long. One of the machines ran out of money, so of course it took twice as long as it should have, but not too bad compared with the regular tellers. We went for a very nice lunch in town. The food was excellent, but the power went out several times during

Aunt's your favorite little buddy!
our meal. Waiter said this was typical. We met back with our taxi driver and he gave us a tour of the town. We headed to the Triple Frontier. It is where the Rio Parana and Rio Igauzu meet. From the point where the 2 rivers meet you can see Paraguay and Brazil. Then it was back to the hotel. Again, we got stuck in traffic as the protesters really have nothing better to do?! We came back to the hotel/park. We took the train out the the Garganta del Diablo or the "Devil's Throat". It was the last train out for the day so it was not very busy. The walk out was on a narrow footbridge. The view over the falls is unbelievable. Words cannot describe the view. The temperatures were in the upper 80's and high humidity, so the spray from the falls was very nice. We saw many coatis and toucans on the way back from the falls. We took the last train back from the falls.

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Pedro and Lori at the Triple Frontier Pedro and Lori at the Triple Frontier
Pedro and Lori at the Triple Frontier

Paraguay on the left side and Brazil on the right side
Small protest by the Gaurni Small protest by the Gaurni
Small protest by the Gaurni

15 minute delay on our way to town
Garganta del Diablo Garganta del Diablo
Garganta del Diablo

Pedro getting ready to go to the edge

This one is for you Mary!

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