Iguazu from Argentina

Published: July 18th 2016
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Today we visited the Argentinian side of Iguazu falls. 85% of the 250 falls lie in Argentina, but they formed geologically 200,000 years ago in Brazil along the Parama River. They are one of the 7 new wonders of the world, and UNESCO has them heritage listed.

The Argentinian side has an emphasis on it being a national park, there are many options for walkways to take you beside, on top of and right near the falls from many angles. The whole park is wheel chair friendly with all terrain wheelchairs available, ramps, and a train to take you to major vantage points.

Toucans and monkeys are supposedly able to be seen, we only saw many Coaties (the animals on the signs) which are scavengers and must not be feed.

You can take optional tours under the falls, ecological, as well as walking on the island.

Take a tourist bus from the terminal, $130- Arg pesos return, we chose Rio Uruguay company again. 30minutes takes you to the ticketing office where you have to pay in cash only to enter, $330Arg pesos, locals only pay 200-. There are ATM's plenty of bathrooms, places to fill your water bottle as well as restuarants and food outlets.

Today we modelled the latest in Zika wear, only skin visible nose and eyes, 3 layers, ski jacket, try getting through that mosquitos. Also this clothing helped with the bitter unseasonal cold weather they have had here over the past 2 days. Probably under 10 degrees all day, makes walking comfortable.

We would have walked around 10-15km today, taking the Superior and inferior trails as well as walking the train line once.

The falls are spectacular, stupendous, amazing, the world's widest waterfalls. The volume of water, the grasses clinging to the cliffs, the sheer majesty really has to be seen.

Lemon Grass cafe back in Puerto Igazu had a wonderful coffee and cake special $50Arg pesos each, which will tide us over until an early tea at 8pm.

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