Water, water everywhere!

Published: April 10th 2014
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Tucan in the morning mistTucan in the morning mistTucan in the morning mist

Iguazu National Park
Hola Amigos!

In the far northeast corner of an odd finger-like part of Argentina is a series of pretty cascades!

We based ourselves in a nice hotel in the hot and humid border town of Puerto Iguazu as we explored the amazing sites in the area... The rainforest setting was beautiful and the wildlife was great, but the spectacular Iguazu Falls stole the show!

Iguazu Falls are one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. Wow! The mighty Rio Iguazu abruptly plummets over 80 metres in a series of colossal cascades that stretch about 3 kilometres across! The sight of these falls is mind-blowing! The sound of billions of gallons of water smashing to the river below in a lush green jungle setting with chirping birds and frolicking mammals... We spent two full days in the National Park, hiking the trails in the searing heat and getting soaked by the clouds of spray from the falls. We even hiked a lonely trail to the bottom of a different set of falls that hardly anyone visits - hardly as spectacular as Iguazu but we had them all to ourselves and enjoyed a cooling, refreshing dip in the water spray! A beautiful end to a hot hike!

As much as we loved the falls and the strange little border town of Puerto Iguazu, we were motivated to move onwards to the city of Posadas for some paper work and to visit a consulate for the next country on our journey. Posadas is situated on the mighty Rio Parana which forms a natural border to the neighbouring country.

Which country was Theresa applying for a entry visa? You'll just have to read the next few blogs to find out!

(Hint: It is a land-locked country and it is not Bolivia... get out your atlases and tell us which one it is!)

Los trotamundos (The Globetrotters)

Theresa and Dave

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Iguazu FallsIguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

Garganta del Diablo (The Devil's Throat)
Iguazu FallsIguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

Garganta del Diablo (The Devil's Throat)

On the bridge to the Devil's Throat. Iguazu Falls

This lovely little butterfly liked the taste of our sweaty skin as we stopped for lunch.
Rio IguazuRio Iguazu
Rio Iguazu

One of the many channels before descending down the many falls of Iguazu National Park.
Plush-crested JayPlush-crested Jay
Plush-crested Jay

Cyanocorax chrysops Iguazu Falls
Translated sgnsTranslated sgns
Translated sgns

We love the spelling of some words... can you find our favourite word?

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

A bit too tame for our liking... Don't feed the wildlife.

Yes, another view... Iguazu Falls
Getting wetGetting wet
Getting wet

A welcomed cool down on a hot hike. Iguazu Falls
Las HermanasLas Hermanas
Las Hermanas

Iguazu Falls

11th April 2014

One would think.....
we're talking Paraguay next!
11th April 2014

You guessed correctly!!
You are a winner, Doug! Thanks for playing! haha. T
12th April 2014

Correct answer
I shall eagerly await my prize of "immeasurable value". I was afraid it might have been El Dorado.

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